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Ali Muhammad Taji is a renowned International Qawwal, he was born in Karachi Pakistan in 1954 and he was created great name in Pakistan Music, and Qawali Music and Sindh Music. Ali  Muhammad Taji belongs to the Jaipur Kishan Garh Duriyat Family. 

Ali Taji started training in Classical Music when he was just 7 years old under the likes of Khan Sahab Wahid Hussain, Khan Sahab Habibuddin and others who were considered to be the maestros of Classical Music and Qawwali Music. His first foreign tour came in the year 1974 when he performed in South Africa, the show went on to become a huge hit and a doorway for many such tours. After South Africa it was London and then  India where his music was adored. Ali went on to produce many Music Albums and his songs were also inducted in movies. Few of his famous compositions include Humein Tu Loot Liya, Yaro Mujhe Muaf Rakho Main Nashe Main Hoon and others.  He has also performed in Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, Egypt, Iran, Germany, France, England, Norway, Denmark, Copenhagen, Australia, Canada and other countries. I have selected most popular Free MP3 Music of Ali Muhammad Taji.

Ali Muhammad Taji Super Hit Pakistani MP3 Songs 
Aik Jaam
Balochi Song
Dil Ne Pehna Hai Jora Kafan Ka
Humain To Loot Liya Husen Waloon Ne
Kis Liye Hum Se Parda Hai
Laila O Laila
Mere Dost Zindagi
Milta Hai Nimaz Mai Sajday Mai Ja Ke Dekh
Sad Song Mehindi
Tere Baloon Mai Moti Piro Doon
Un Pe Bhi Jawani Aai Hai
Weriya Way
Ye Hai Maikada
Yaro Mujhay Maaf Karo


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