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By this useful Article I guide you About Most Popular FM Radio 101 Quetta. This FM Radio Station is presently working in Quetta City with best quality service  and providing best information and quality programs for the peoples of Pakistan in Urdu language and daily news updates time to time. Now I introduce this popular FM Radio Station with details.

  1. FM 101 Quetta Audio Player
  2. Introduction of FM 101 Quetta
  3. Status of FM 101 Quetta Radio
  4. Broadcasting Location of FM 101 Quetta
  5. Service and Quality of FM 101 Quetta

FM 101 Quetta

1.    FM 101 Quetta Audio Player


2.   Introduction of FM 101 Quetta

FM 101 Quetta was named FM 101 and it began working from 1st October, 1998. FM 101 is currently working for 24 hours transmission every day from 09 stations at  FM 101 IslamabadFM 101 LahoreFM 101 Karachi‚ Peshawar‚  Faisalabad‚ Sialkot‚ Hyderabad and Multan. At presents FM 101 Quetta is the greatest FM channel of Pakistan. The program comprises of music essentially of the pop assortment. Western music has likewise been apportioned two hours consistently. The transmission is sprinkled with data on an assortment of subjects including driving tips‚ horoscopes‚ sports‚ climate updates‚ culture and civilization‚ well being and hygiene‚ quiz‚ ladies and children issues‚ form and style and even stocks and business clues. The audience members give their input and have association which the DJs of FM 101 channel through SMS service‚ messages and letters. The transmission of FM 101 Quetta is likewise accessible on the Website:

3.   Status of FM 101 Quetta Radio

This FM Radio Station play a very important in IT and multimedia communication and very interest Music, song and news. This FM Radio start their regular transmission in 1998, owned by Government of Pakistan and work under the management of PBC management. You can listen online FM Radio 101 Quetta  24 hours.

4.   Broadcasting Location of FM 101 Quetta

This FM Radio is Broadcasting from Quetta City, with best quality service and FM Radio 101 Quetta is most popular Radio Station of Pakistan. FM Radio 101 Quetta is a multi language entertainment and update FM Radio Station of Pakistan like FM 101 Lahore. This FM Radio telecast their live programs in 101 frequency. 

5.   Service and Quality of FM 101 Quetta

This FM Radio is providing best and excellence service in all over Pakistan 24 hours. This FM Radio is producing latest News updates time to time and and this Radio is source of information for most of Rural areas  Quetta and surrounding areas with very fine Quality service and the sound is very clear and fine to listen the peoples of Pakistan who live in far flung areas. 

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