Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mohan Bhagat Sindhi Folk  Music Download
Mohan Bhagt was most popular Sindhi Singer, he sung lot of great songs in Sindhi language.
He was very popular Artist of Therparker Sindh. He sung Sindhi Kalaams, Sindhi Kaafi's, Wai of "Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A" and other poets of Sindh. He started singing in Sindhi root areas, in marriage ceremonies and other local functions in Sindh. His was most popular Artist of Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. I have selected most popular Classical Music of Mohan Bhagat.   Mohan Bhagat was great Sindhi Singer and he created great name in Sindh Music. Mohan Bhagat played Classical Music, Sindh Folk Music, Sindhi Sufi Music, Sindhi Lok Music  he was great Sindhi Singer of Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. 
Mohan Bhagat Sindhi Classical Music 
Aayal Barocho Sajan Moo Khi Yaad Piyo
Aai Lahenda Wanji Dehan Re Ranal
Lagi Dakhan Ji Heer
Mue Khi Wichhoro Tho Mari
Mann Bhola Bhola
Sertiyoon Aain Ta Wanjo Re Wanjo
Saathi Re Sadd Kandi Wiya
Saami Re Sen Nimani Ja

Biography of Sindhi Folk Music Singer Mohan Bhagat

Mohan Bhagat from Therparker Sindh, he was popular for Folk Music Sindhi "Wai Bait" of "Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai RA" and he sung other popular Poets of Sindh.  He sung poetry of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai RA in new style of "Shah Jo Raag" and other style with Sindhi "Arfana Kalam". He was very popular from Town to Village and sung on Shrines of Sufi Sindhi Buzrigs and Mela Mehfils. He was very popular on Radio Pakistan Hyderabad due to his great song (Sertiyoon Aai Ta Wajo Re Wajo Mohijo Lekh Lakhan Saa). His sweet sound attractive the hearts of the peoples who are interested in Sufi Music. I have selected above most popular Sindhi Music of Mohan Bhagat.

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