Monday, September 7, 2015

Ustad Muhammad Ibrahim was great Sindhi Singer, he create great name in Sindhi Music. He has sung Sindhi Songs, Sindhi Classical Music, Folk Music, Sindhi Sufi Kalams

We never forget him. When we listen his sweet sound our hearts goes to the memory of Ustad Muhammad Ibrahim legendary Sindhi Singer.  Specially he has sung the poetry of  all Sindhi Poets. He was famous singer of Radio Pakistan Hyderabad and Pakistan Television. He was very popular in the Music of Sindhi (Dastan). His popular Sindhi Lok Dastan Noor Jam Tamachi and Lok Dastan Music such as Sassi Panu,  is famous in all over the Sindh. He also sung the  poetry of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (RA)  and other Sufi poets of Sindh. I have selected most popular Free MP3 Music  of Ustad Muhammad Ibrahim. 

Ustad Muhammad Ibrahim Sindhi MP3 Songs Free Download
Nung Barochal Tu Te
Kare Dil Udasi Piyara Halya Wiya
Jogi Rahi Na Raat
Hosh Kare Dis Hanjra Yaar
Dhado Ishiq Arrango Yaar
Sindhi Lok Dastan Sassi Panu
Sindhi Lok Dastan Noori Jam Tamachi
Chhaday De Mulk Dunya Khi

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