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Ustad Muhammad Juman Sindhi Folk Music Download
Ustad Muhammad Juman was great Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Folk Music Singer, he sung songs in Sindhi and other languages. Ustad Muhammad Juman was legendary Sindhi Classical Music Singer of Sindh.
He learnt the music formally from great Pakistani musician Ustad Nazar Hussain. He was awarded Pride of Performance by the Government of Pakistan  in 1980. He went to Radio Pakistan Karachi to start a career as a "Surando" Player "Fiddler". He came into Radio Pakistan Hyderabad as musicians where he composed Sindhi Kalaams  of various Sufi saints of Sindh. Ustad Muhammad Juman had sung poetry of "Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A", "Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A", "Hazrat Bedal Faqeer R.A" and other popular Poets of Sindh.
Ustad Muhammad Juman Sindhi Classical Music 
Ant Behar De Kal Na Kai
Aao Rana Raho Raat
Ghatoo Ghar Na Aaya
Jogi Dhadi Zaat Saami Dhadi Zaat
Karooon Wass Kayam Re
Mohinjo Mulk Malir
Raat Bi Meehanra Watha
Roanday Umer Nibhae
Saath Halbo
Wiyo Pech Punhal Moo Saa Pai
Wari Aa Pakhi Wahiray
Yaar Dhadi Ishiq Atish Lai Hai

Biography of Sindhi Classical Music singer Ustad Muhammad Juman

Ustad Muhammad Juman  was born in Village of Sorra, District Lasbela, Balcohistan on 10th October 1935. He created good name in Sindh Music. He was great Sindhi Singer and musician and and also Classical Music, Folk Music,  Artist whose impact on Sindhi Folk Music. He was blogging to musicians family of Sakhirani clan. His father Haji Ahmed Sakhirani was also a Singer. Thus he became fond of Music from his childhood. This great singer will be remain in the heart of peoples and he was died on 24 January 1990 in Karachi. I have selected most popular Sindhi Lok Music of Ustad Muhammad Juman.

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