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By this useful Article I Introduce you about most popular Sindhi Singer Mai Allah Wasai, she has sung Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Folk Music with new style, now I introduce career of the Artist step by step and I have selected most popular Sindhi songs of Mai Allah Wasai  and complete Introduction and Biography.

  1. Introduction and Biography of Artist
  2. About Sindhi Music
  3. Hit Songs with Titles of Artist
  4. Technical Tips About Play and Download

Amir Bux Ronjho

Mai Allah Wasai was great and popular Singer of Sindh and her name was popular in Sindhi Music. She has sung Sindhi Sufi Music, and she was expert Sindhi Singer in Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Folk MusicSindhi peoples never forget Mai Allah Wasai.  She has sung the poetry of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (RA), Hazrat Sahib Dino Shah, Hazrat Sachal Sermast (RA),  and other popular Sindhi poets. Mai Allah Wasai sung in open Mehfils, Mela and Shrine of Sufi Buzrigs in Sindh. Her style in singing and her sweet sound like peoples of Sindh. Mai Allah Wasai specially sung a song in old style in the Grassroots areas of Sindh territory of Therparker Sindh and other local areas and she also sung Sufi Songs. She was great Singer of Radio Pakistan, and Pakistan Television. I have selected most popular Free MP3 Music of Mai Allah Wasai.

Music from Sindh region is sung in Sindhi, and is by and large performed in either the "Baits" or "Waee" styles. The Traps style is vocal music in Sanhoon (low voice) or Graham (high voice). Waee instrumental music is performed in an assortment of ways utilizing a string instrument. Waee, otherwise called Kaafi, is found in the encompassing territories of Baluchistan, Punjab, and Kutch. The conventional gatherings of Shah Jo Risalo by Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (R.A) incorporate 30 Surs (sections) which are sung as "Raags". The most established distributions of Shah Jo Risalo contained somewhere in the range of 36 Surs, however later the vast majority of the etymologists disposed of 6 Surs, as their dialect and substance did not coordinate with the Shah's style. As of late, Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Baloch, the most prestigious etymologist of Sindhi dialect has aggregated and printed another version following 32 years of research in people culture, language and history of Sindhi language. Famous Artist of Sindh  Abida Parveen has recorded the greater part of Shah's sur in her 11 volume Disc Shah jo Risalo discharging it in December 2013.

Mai Allah Wasai Sindhi MP3 Songs Download 
Armaan Atham
Ajab Aa Zamano
Disi Disi Thaki Aahiyan
Dama Dam Mai Thiyoon Yaad Pawan
Piyar Darya Aa

4.  Technical Tips About Play and Download 

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