Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sindhi Dastan Music Singer Khan Muhammad Shaikh  was great singer of  Sindhi Classical Music. He was very great name in old Sindh Music. He Played Sindhi Lok Dastan with efficiently and his great sweet sound and specially in new style, he was first singer of Sindhi Music he sung Dastan with great musical Technics.  

What a stylish singer Khan Muhammad Shaikh, we remember in our heart all time. Sindhi Old Music listeners like Khan Muhammad Shaikh. His lok Dastan like, Sohni Mahiwal, Sassi Pano, Yousuf Zulekhan, Dastan Hazrat Younus (A.S), Dastan Hazrat Baba Bulle Shah and others was very popular in all over Sindh.  His singing style takes place in a live setting, perhaps at an open air (Mehfil) in AOTAQ and he played also in Mela and marriage Ceremonies. He introduced lok Dastan playing style in Sindh, his song with a spot of wonderfully communicative. This man is a natural storyteller and he sung a song with story telling.   Khan Muhammad Shaikh is performed in Sindhi Folk Music and his music distributed from one village to next village. Shaikh Sahib  providing late evening performances for rural and small towns with audiences.  We never forget Khan Muhammad Shaikh, I have selected most popular and Free MP3 Music Sindhi Lok Dastan's of Khan Muhammad Shaikh with special thanks of Brother Mr. Bakhshal Laghari Sahib.

Khan Muhammad Shaikh Sindhi MP3 Songs Free Download
Hazrat Ayub A.S Sindhi Dastan
Hazrat Baba Bulle Shah Sindhi Dastan
Beejal Aur Rai Diyaj Sindhi Lok Dastan
Hazrat Badshah Pir Sindhi Dastan
Chal Ud Ja Re Panchhi
Dalo Rai Badshah Lok Dastan
Howai Hum Jis Keliye Birbad
Heer Ranjha Sindhi Lok Dastan
Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S Sindhi Lok Dastan
Jam Jama Sultan Jo Qiso Sindhi Dastan
Leela Chaniser Sindhi Lok Dastan
Laila Manjnoon Lok Dastan
Moriro Sindhi Lok Dastan
Moajza Rasoolullah S.A Sindhi Dastan
Hazrat Moosa A.S Sindhi Lok Dastan
Hazrat Mansoor Sindhi Lok Dastan
Moomal Rano Sindhi Lok Dastan
Noori Jaam Tamachi Sindhi Lok Dastan
Qiso Qaber Jo Sindhi Dastan
Qarbala Moula Sindhi Lok Dastan
Rahib Aur Hazrant Imam Hussain A.S Dastan
Hazarat Sakina A.S Lok Sindhi Dastan
Sassi Panu Sindhi Lok Dastan
Hazrat Shah Sikander Sindhi Dastan
Sohni Mahiwal Sindhi Lok Dastan
Umer Marvi Sindhi Lok Dastan
Wanjhara Dastan Wiyam Wanjhara Chhade
Yateem Bariro Sindhi Dastan
Hazrat Younus A.S Sindhi Dastan
Yousuf A.S Aur Zulekhan Sindhi Dastan

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