Friday, September 25, 2015

Sindhi Singer Prof. Ram Panjwani was born in 20 November 1911 in Larkana Sindh. He created good name in Sindhi Music. He seven folk tales of Sindh narrated by legendary Sindhi Poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai (R.A). 

He also staged social plays like Maya Jo Moh, (lure of wealth) Samaj Sevak (Socil Worker) Ayo Naon Zamano, (Arrival of new age) and many more.  Ram Panjwani was renowned folk singer he composed numerous Folk Music, Bhajjans, Ghazals, Classical Music, and various Sufi Kalams. Ram Panjwani sung most popular songs in Sindhi films like Jhulelal, Hojamalo, Ladli, in which also he provided lyrics. Ram Panjwani received maximum Awards/ Honours in the shape of Manpatras, trophies, medals, silver in the time of  50 years. Ram Panjwani passed away on 1987. His sweet sound and his memorable songs still alive, I have selected most popular Free MP3 Music of Prof. Ram Panjwani.

Prof. Ram Panjwani Old Sindhi MP3 Songs Free Download
Sindhu Je Kinare
Ramzen Saa Ghulam Kayo Athai Yaar
Nach Nacho Athai Wail Nachan Ji
Mohinjo Maalik Tu
Khin Mai Thahi Khin Mai Dahi
Jeean Jogira Man Ko Phero Kan
Banen Ji Banhi Aahiyan
Aao Banhi Tu Sai Way

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