Monday, November 2, 2015

I introduce most popular Sindhi Folk Music, Sindhi Pop Music Artist Nighat Naz, she is great Artist of Sindhi language she has sung lot of popular songs. 
Sindhi Singer Nighat Naz belonging to from City Moro, District Dadu Sindh, she performed on stage with good Sindhi songs with great dance in new style she created good name in Sindh Music. She is very popular Artist in Sindhi Pop Music, Folk Music. Peoples like her songs specially Sindhi  young culture  like the singing style of Nighat Naz. She has sung poetry of popular Sindhi poets and she has sung Sindhi Lok Music, Sehra and "Sindh Dherti Songs". 
Sindh Artist Nighat Naz Free MP3 Music Download
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Nighat Naz introduced on local TV Channels such as "KTN TV", "Sindh TV", "Kashish TV" and other local shows in Mela, Marriage parties, she sung lot of great songs in new style and very popular in all over Sindh.  She is very popular due to his stylish singing, she sung pop style songs on  "Dhol". She sung lot of popular songs such as "Maa Jogan Banji Wai Aan".
Nighat Naz Sindhi Folk Music Download 
Chago Cholo
Chhade Wai Mor
Dil Ji Dharkan Lai
Deedar Jo Der Band Kayo Athai
Hik Sohno Mohinji Nazar Mai
Irado Ho Piyar Jo
Khati Aa Ishiq Ji Baazi
Kathe Sukkur Kathe Dadu
Lal Lal Labren Saan
Murli Saan Man Moo Khi Ja Lagyo
Mohinja Khat Phone
Mai Marendi Pai Haan
Mai Jogan Jogan Banje Wai
Nain Khikari Mohinja
Pehinji Bahen Mai
Raat Jo Nind Phiti Wendai
Safa Bhalo Aa
Tur Gaya Musafir Tur
Tahne Mahne Pai Sahan
VIP Joro Pai
Yaad Kande Kaden Bhi
Nighat Naz is most popular Singer of Sindh, she also sung songs in Saraiki Lanugage like most popular singer Shazia Khushk. When latest Albums of Nighat Naz comes in the Market, peoples wait eagerly, her most popular Album is such as  "Piyar Ji Kashish" and her Eid Album "Shikari Nen" is very popular in all over Sindh. She has performed in Mela, Local Night Mehfils, Marriage ceremonies and other local Musical programs.  I have selected most popular and Super Hit  MP3 Music Download of Nighat Naz.

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