Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I introduce most popular Pakistani and Balochi Classical Music, Pakistani Folk Music Singer Faiz Muhammad Baloch. He was great Artist of Pakistan he sung in Balochi, Sindhi and Urdu languages. 
Faiz Muhammad Faizok Baloch was born in 1901 in Qasr-e-Qand, Iran a region in Nikshahr Township Baluchistan, he created good name in Balochi Music and Pakistan Music. He taught his Musician Training from Master Mallarami from Allahdad and also Master Khayr Mohamamd taught him Sindhi Music.
Faiz Muhammad Baloch MP3 Music Download
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Faiz Muhammad Baloch  lived his early life in Karachi but later he traveled  to Quetta, Balochistan. He started his carrier  on Radio and TV. He sung lot of popular Balochi Songs, Folk Music and Classical Music. He was  most Popular Balochi Folk Musician and he is well known for his unique style of body language with  great songs.
Faiz Muhammad Baloch Pakistani Classical Music Download 
Ai Naz Hunsey Wala
Baghani Kaboot Saylani
Kushta Mana Gula
Kaboot Koo Koo Kanoo Bia
Laila O Laila
Muskate Mahrok
Pakistan Hamara
Qasid Mani Paygam
Shahbaz Sakhi
Tae Sooratain Zebya Man Griftaran
Faiz Muhammad Baloch was great Artist of Pakistan, lot of peoples admired his contribution to Balochi Music. His popular Music are  "Laila O Laila", "Biya Tara Baran Saila", "Muskat-e- Mehruk", "Ae Naz Hunsey Wala" and other lot of great songs. He was breath his last  in 1982 at Quetta, Balochistan in the age of 80 years. I have selected most popular MP3 Music Download of Faiz Muhammad Faizok Baloch.

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