Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sindhi Singer Syed Suleman Shah was born in Mirpur Bathoro, District Thatta Sindh. He created great name in Sindhi Music. This Versatile was very great dancer with singing and what a stylish singer we remember in our heart all time.

Syed Suleman Shah attraction on thinking poetry and Storyteller in Dastan Music Artist. His singing takes place in a live setting, perhaps at an open air (MEHFIL) in (AOTAQ) also he sung Classical Music, Folk Music,  Sufi Music with zeal and enthusiasm. Suleman Shah introducing each song with a spot of wonderfully communicative. This man is a natural storyteller and he sung Story Telling Songs.   Syed Suleman Shah  was  all round performer in Sindh Music and his music distributed from one village to next village, he sung with marriage ceremony and (MELA). Suleman Shah providing late evening performances for rural and small towns with audiences,  he sung with  religion, comedy and telling of ancient heroic. Syed Suleman introduced Sindhi Music in different styles. I have selected most popular Free MP3 Music of Syed Suleman Shah.

Syed Suleman Shah Sindhi MP3 Songs Free Download
Wari Mor Ra Ada (Dastan Moriro)
Sohna Pehinji Akhiyan Khi Jhal Tu
Sacho Mohinjo Piyar
Pairen Pawandi Saan
Noorani Noor Noorani Noor
Moo Khan Ho Piya Wanjan
Mohinji Dil Ta Khani Wiyo Perdesi
Maria Maikoon Yaar Sajan
Maan Ashiq Tohinjo Aahiyan
Jaan Gantiyan Mai Gari
Jaidyun Jaagi
Dur Piyo Guzareen
Dil Tu Khi Daye Dard Pirayo
Assan Nu Ishiq Marenda
Aido Dur Na Thi Dilber

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