Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shazia Khushak Sindhi Folk Music Download
Shazia Khushak is most popular Sindhi, Balochi Music Singer, she sung in different languages. Shazia Khushak is great Sindhi Lok Music Artist.
 Shazia Khushak has sung lot of songs and she performed in 45 countries of the world. She is very popular due to his stylish singing, he sung Sindhi Pop Music with Dhol. She is very popular in Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. Shazia sung lot of Balochi and Sindhi Songs. Shazia Khushak has sung most popular super hit songs, specially her most popular song on Dhol in Balochi style "Dane Pe Dana", was very famous all over Pakistan. She sung in Pakistan TV and other music Channels.
Shazia Khushak Sindhi Balochi Folk Music 
Ale Mohinja Maroara
Aaya Mukh Wekhan
Beqadra Yaar
Chhel Chhabeela
Dane Pe Dana Balochi Song
Ho Jamalo
Hik Wari Sehwan Aa
Haseena Popri
Jad Pir Wich Wajiya Dhol
Lal Mere Pat Rakhyo Bhala
Mela Sakhi Lal Da
Mai Heer Te Tu
Mahi Yaar De Gharoli
Na Qaid Karo Maikoon Na Maro Hathkariyan

Biography of Sindhi Balochi Folk Music Singer Shazia Khushak

Shazia Khushak was born at Jamshoro Sindh. She created good name in Sindh Music. She performed a show in 1992 as per advice of her husband and he encouraged and she performed well. Shazia Khushak emerged as a singer of two prominent languages Sindhi and Balochi. Shazia Khushak is great  Sindhi and  Balochi Music Folk Singer,  she is fan of  Sindhi Folk Music of Sindh about Marvi and poetry of renowned poet of Sindh "Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai  R.A"  and other poets and also she is popular in Sindhi Lok Music.I have selected above most popular and Super Hit Sindhi Folk Music of Shazia Khushak.

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