Thursday, October 22, 2015

I introduce most popular Sindhi Shahnai Player and great Artist of Sindh Ashiq Hussain, he play "Shahnai" in his own style and he sung lot of songs in Shahnai and "Dhol".
Sindhi Shehnai "Sherna" Master Ashiq Hussain  very popular "Shahnai"  player in Sindh, he create good name in Sindh Music. He played Shahnai in marriage ceremonies, temple of Burzrigs in Sindh and other events in Sindh. He is very popular Shahnai player of Sindh, Shahnai, is most popular Musical instrument generally played in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iran.
Ashiq Hussain Sindhi Shahnai Free MP3 Music Download
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Shahnai is popular Instrument, specially used for different music programs  and important local ceremonies. This Saaz often played on the event of happiness, and other social activities and programs on every day. Shahnai is made out of wood, with a double reed at one end and metal or wooden flared bell at the other. The great sound of Shahnai is thought to create and maintain a sense of auspiciousness and sanctity and,as a result peoples like this too much and Shahnai player called for marriage ceremony.
Ashiq Hussain Sindhi Shahnai  Instrument Music Download 
Sindhi Shahnai Saaz
Ashiq Hussian is great Shahnai Player of Sindh, specially Shahnai widely used during marriages, processions and in temples although it is also played in concerts. Ashiq Hussain very popular Sherna Master of Sindh he is very popular on Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television and he played Sufi KalaamsFolk Music with  Shahnai. I have selected most popular MP3 Music Download  on Shahnai "Sherna" of Ashiq Hussain. 

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