Sunday, September 27, 2015

Talib Palari is most popular Sindhi Artist he sung Sindhi Mora and he was good name in Sindhi Music. Mora is most popular in Sindh Rurl areas, he played on Nurr Bait, specially in rural areas at the night time popular singers played Mora song in open Mehfils. 

Mora Song called tragedy song, someone remember to the past and they give message to others or they remember their good days through this sweet music on Nurr Bait. Mora style music is very old song, like Alghoza, it is singing style takes place in a live setting, perhaps at an open air (MEHFIL) in AOTAQ, MELA and and marriage ceremonies. The history of Mora song is very old it is  naturally Storyteller Song like Dastan and performed on Nurr or Flute type of Been. This music distributed from one village to next village listeners like such type of music in late evening performances for rural and small towns with audiences. I have selected popular Free MP3 Music of Talib Palari.

Talib Palari Sindhi MP3 Songs Free Download
Gayan Wethi Moro (Lahoti Mehfil)
Piyari Loli
Unforgettable Sindhi Moro
Sindhi Mora Songs Old Music
Sindhi Mora Sad Song

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