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By this useful Article about how you add Meta Tags, Title Tag and  Description in Blogger Blog or Website and also gives more techniques about SEO Tips and Tricks for blogger, you have read lot of tutorials about Meta Tags, this Tutorials is different and you can add new Meta Tags in blogger blog, I have checked that lot of latest popular Blogger owners added such type of Meta Tags for providing of quick traffic.

  1. What is Meta Tags
  2. How Meta Tags Working
  3. How to Install Meta Tags Description
  4. How to Install Meta Tags Code
  5. How to Install Complete Meta Tags Code

Meta Tags Tips and Tricks

1.   What is Meta Tags

Meta Tags are very important to introduce your blogger or Website for popular Search Engines such as "Google". If you have already added Meta tags to Blogger Blog, and make sure that you are well aware and followed the methods contained in this article to get better result in Search Engines. Meta tags are HTML tags that provide extra information regarding Blogger Blog to the visitors and readers. In the Meta Tags, the Description Tags provides a small summary of the page content to the visitors. The keyword Meta tags show the keywords and keyword phrases a visitor might apply to find out Blogger Blog. As aggression of Meta tags Search Engines have turned into smarter and no longer place status on keywords to set up page ranking in Search Engines. Though keyword Meta tags are still used by few Search Engines therefore it is very nice proposal to hold them in blogger blog. You can set Title Tag of the Blogger Blog read this Article.

2.   How Meta Tags Working

Meta Tags are main proposal for searching purpose in main search engines. This is very disappointing features for blogger blog is that it is not correctly optimized title tags for better SEO tips and tricks. By default Meta descriptions and keywords are not supported to blogger bog. This means you have missed precious opportunities to attract visitors and readers to blogger bog. If you have adjusted better SEO for blogger blog, I think Meta tags and Meta descriptions into blogger template present good effects. Luckily these works about Blogger SEO tips and tricks will go a lengthy way to advance the placement of blogger blog in Search Engine results, if your blogger Meta Tags working fine, no tension it will take some time and proper Meta Tags will be improve your Blogger traffic quickly.

3.   How to Install Meta Tags Description

Meta tags description in blogger template is tricky because blogger blog utilize the same Meta tags for all pages. This means Google Search Engine will show every entry of Blogger Blog in search results with same description. This solution could be unprofitable to drive traffic rather than increased traffic. However there is a method to insert Meta tags to the home page of Blogger Blog only which will not affect post pages in  blogger blog. In this way visitors you will find the home page of Blogger Blog in search engines by the use of suitable keywords and a site description. Further I suggest that  do not use  description like  old system, you can use keywords only, because this code is adjusted  auto description and it will detect your Blogger Post Description, which you have already added in your blogger post. It is very high profitable for search engines.  One thing note that use keywords only short and do not repeat it again and long keywords are not useful. For more information see the code below and add Blogger description properly.

4.   How to Install Meta Tags Code

First go to than navigate to Design and Edit HTML. Avoid from any mistakes back up blogger blog download full template and place it any place of Computer and check mark on “Expand Widget Templates” press (Ctr + F) command and search the following code line which is available in Blogger template.

Now replace above code with following code, it is Search Engine Friendly Meta Tags for Blogger Post Page Title, it will show in search Search Result as your Blogger Post Title comes First than Home Page, lot of blogger added old techniques, this is new and latest techniques and getting good result.

5.   How to Install Complete Meta Tags Code

In view of the above, you have added above code as per instructions, above, and if you have any confusion about adding of Meta Tag Code in your blogger template Head Section, how to add full and final complete code, code the following complete Meta Tags code and place it in your blogger head section.

Meta tags are very useful in most Search Engines, lot of blogger used old systems Meta Tags, are working properly but now latest new blogger templates added full latest and search engine friendly Meta Tags, which I have mentioned above full code use it and get more profit to get traffic quickly.

I hope this article is very useful like other Blogger tutorials

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