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Abida Parveen Pakistani Sufi Music Singer
Abida Parveen Pakistani Classical Sufi Music Singer. She is most popular Pakistani Ghazals, Sindhi Classical Music Artist.
She has sung most popular "Sindhi Sufi Kalaam's, Pakistani Classical Music great songs in different languages. She has sung Sindhi Folk Music with great style of different Sur Sangeet and she sung lot of Sindhi poets specially she sung poetry of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A, Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A and others. Abida Parveen has ascended to unmistakable quality and is currently viewed as one of the finest Folk Music Singer of Pakistan. She has saturated Sufi Music with another character, denoting the start of this adventure at Sultana Siddiqui's Awazo Andaz in 1980. She has sung great Sindhi Cultural songs from Radio Pakistan Hyderabad. She also called a Master of Sindhi Mousiqui, she sung Sindhi Sufi songs in Sindh all over Pakistan and she performed such type of great songs in foreign countries. I have selected below most popular Classical Music  and Hit Ghazals of Abida Parveen.
Abida Parveen Classical  Sufi Music 
Download Andhi Chali
Download Aaya Mela Sakhi Serkar Da
Download Ali Moula
Download Allah Hik Hai
Download Are Logo Tumhara Kiya
Download Assan Ishiq Nemaz
Download Aaya Sehwan Neray Aaya
Download Chalo Re Sanyan Chercha
Download Chalo Ke Deep Jalain Der Qalander
Download Dama Dam Ya Ali
Download Daman Lagi Aa Moula
Download Dhondo Ge Agar
Download Ghoom Charkhra Sanyan Da
Download Ghoonghat Ohlay Na Luk Sajjnan
Download Ghund Khol Deedar Vekhao
Download Her So Ali Ali
Download Ho Jamalo
Download Jab Se Tu Ne Mujhay Deewana
Download Jeeway Sanyan
Download Jo Rang Rangeya
Download Kithe Mehar Ali Kithe Tere Sana
Download Lagi Walyan Nu
Download Lal Da Sehra Mein Gawan
Download Lal Shahbaz Ki Chader
Download Mahi Yaar Di Gharoli Bhardi
Download Main Bhi Jhok Ranjhan Di Jaana
Download Mast Qalandar
Download Meda Dil Ranjhan Rawal
Download Mehndi Murshid Lal Di Mehndi
Download Main Mangti Moula Ali De
Download Meda Ishiq
Download Mera Ruthra Yaar
Download Meri Hazri Qabool Karain
Download Naina Mila Ke
Download Nangra Inmani Da Geween Teun Palna
Download Perchan Shal Panhwar
Download Pehran Pawindi Saan
Download Sade Vehre Aaya Kar
Download Saiyan Saiyan Meriyan Soniyan
Download Shahe Mardan Sherye Yazdan
Download Sun Baat Barh De Kahi
Download Tere Ishq Main Daloon Dhamal
Download Tere Ishq Nachaya Karkay Thaiya

Biography Legendary Pakistani Singer Abida Parveen 

Abida Parveen was born in 1954 Ali Goharabad in Larkana Sindh Pakistan. She was trained by her father Ghulam Hyder who was famous singer and Music teacher. Abida Parveen created great name in Sindh Music, Pakistani Sufi Music. She started singing in her childhood and she is callsed Sufi Music Artist, Composer and Musician. Her singing and Music has earned her great name and she has been called as the "Queen of Sufi Music". She had started performing at Dargahs and Urs in the mid 1970s, yet it was in 1973, on Radio Pakistan, that that she accomplished her first genuine achievement with the Sindhi song "Tuhinje Zulfan Jay Band Kamand Widha" In 1977. 

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