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Jalal Chandio Sindhi Folk Music Singer
Ustad Jalal Chandio  Sindhi Classical Music Singer. He was great legendary singer of Sindh.
He was sung Sindhi Classical Sufi Music, Sindhi Lok Music, Sindhi Folk Music. He was first Artist of Sindh, a Sindhi Movie was made his name. He was sung a super hit songs in Sindhi, Saraiki and Urdu languages on his own style on "Yaktaro and Chapri". He was sung lot of Sindhi poets specially he sung "Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A", "Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A" and others. He create great name in Sindh Music. I have selected most popular songs of Ustad Jalal Chandio as per demand of Sindhi peoples. He was one of the greatest Sindhi Artist who ruled the Sindhi Folk Music, Sindhi Classical Music and Sindhi Lok Music and influenced it more than anybody else could do. Ustad Jalal Chandio was a singer of love, he decorated Yaktaro and Chapriyoon "Castanets", he sang in the popular Sindhi rhythmic beats Kalwaro, Adho, Dedho and Ektal. We never forget this legendary Artist of Sindh. I  have selected below most Popular Sindhi Folk Music of Jalal Chandio.
Ustad Jalal Chandio Sindhi Classical Music 
Download Aa Angan Eidoon Kayoon
Download Aa Tu Mitha Ka Bahari Kayoon
Download Aidi Dair Kare Chho Tha Yaar Acho
Download Aai Eid Wari Tu Wisare Chhadyo
Download Aao Ko Jaana Pandh Kech Jo
Download Aaya Langh Ranjhan
Download Akh Yaar Tohinji
Download Are Logo Tumhara Kiya
Download Aa Medi Hayati Bacha
Download Ajj Mohinji Akh Thi Fari
Download Ajoki Raat Rahi Pao
Download Atham Umaidoon Milandam Shaal
Download Bhit Ja Ghot Bhitai
Download Bina Rehmat Rabani Ji
Download Bulbul Jo Shauq Gul Gulzar Saan
Download Chhuti Fut Wenda
Download Chayam Aakhir Bhadhi Hathra
Download Dendo Deh Mayar O Yaar
Download Dil Lag Gai Beperwa De Naal
Download Dilber Karai Tho Moo Khi Deedar
Download Disi Disi Akhiyoon Thakyoon
Download Dagha Baz Dilber Dilaso Bhalo Dai
Download Dastan Moomal Rano
Download Dil Ji Lagi Sa Dil Khi Khabar
Download Dilri Na Tu Arman Ker
Download Eid Aai Aa Wari Dil Thi Aa Tu Lai Chari
Download Eindo Ijho Dunya Te Mehdi Imam
Download Ghurayo Dilruba Dilber
Download Gaj Gaj Gor Yaar Watan Wal Wari
Download Ghanday Neehan Naato
Download Gham Dunya Mai Bhiya Ghana
Download Hal Na Mithoo Aidi Lod Kare
Download Haal Mohinji Wafa Roee Dino
Download Hik Sohno Tu Agai
Download Halki Halki Chandoki Mai
Download Hal Na Sharabi Chaal
Download Hin Eid Te Ho Achno
Download Hin Eid Te Moo Kaya Wes Kara
Download Hitan Hot Ji Wayaro
Download Hin Mour Khan Shuru Thi
Download Ijha Eid Aai
Download Jadhen Tu Juda Thai Kayam Wes Kara
Download Jaam Parayo Aa Jan
Download Jatan Lai Jaidyoon
Download Je Faqeer Sadaen
Download Jogi Jawan Jabal Ji Pasi
Download Jahri Thai Mast Jawani
Download Kadhen Mohinji Angan Te Aindi
Download Kon Bachsan
Download Kon Aayo Manho Yaar Jo
Download Ke Ke Kusan Kadain
Download Kadhen Walso Sunhra Sanwla
Download Kadhen Aindi Kadhen Aindi
Download Kon Aahiyan Maa Pagal Dunya Cheryo Chaway
Download Klender Rok Tu Bus Khi
Download Lakhan Jo Chhalo Aa
Download Laghar Mai Tho Bhadhan Khatro
Download Maaf Ker Moo Khi Khata
Download Makhan Jehra Mor Jani
Download Meda Yaar Saudagar Sar Da
Download Mili Kaan Sukh Ji Ghari
Download Mitha Mohab Tu Ta
Download Mohinji Dil Awahan Sa
Download Mot Mohinja Piyara
Download Mot Sigho Mithra Yaar
Download Moti Aai Eid O Yaar
Download Moula Ali Jo Dar Na Chhadjan
Download Mari Halyo Wiyo Rowari Halyo Wiyo
Download Moula Haseenan Khi
Download Moula Kendo Melo Thendo
Download Neehan Layam Dil Furayam
Download Pehinji Mehboob Mithri Jo
Download Piree Poro Kayo Iqrar
Download Perdes Halyo Waen Piyara
Download Piyaro Muhammad Wayo
Download Rano Rusi Jin
Download Ro Na Dilri
Download Sajan Hi Zulf Tohinja
Download Saji Sindh Khi Tu Rowari
Download Saal Sajo Tu Sik Mai Sikayo
Download Sajan Bai Gad Howasen
Download Tu Khi Saari Saari Neth Wayo Guzare
Download Tohinji Disen San Sohnal Sain
Download Udasi Rooh Thiyo Aahi
Download Udd Wanj Kaang
Download Uthandi Wehandi Husen Waren Jo
Download Utter Laar Kachho
Download Wah Wah Qudrat Ja Ajab
Download Yaar Ji Ajj Phone Bhi Aai

Biography Legendary Sindhi Singer Ustad Jalal Chandio

Legendary Singer of Sindh Ustad Jalal Chandio was born in Goth Misri Wah Phul, District: Noushero Feroze Sindh in 1944. Legendary Sindhi Artist created great name in Sindh Music. He sung songs in Sindhi and other Languages. He was son of a farmer and he became a singer after he falls in love. He was uneducated and he sung more than 10,000 songs in his career. Ustad Jalal Chandio was well known the singer of Yaktaro and Chapri and he opened School Yaktarepota School of singing. His great throaty voice, he could spellbind thousands of listeners, some even joined him and danced to the song. It is this virtue that took him all over Sindh all the year round. Great Singer Jalal Chandio passed away from the World on 10th January 2001. 

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