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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Arif Lohar | Punjabi Classical Folk Music Download

Punjabi Music- You can listen online latest Punjabi songs of Arif Lohar, he is most popular Punjabi Folk Music Artist, Punjabi Mousiqui download also Punjabi Song, New Punjabi Song, Punjabi Audio Song, Latest Song, some selected old music and Biography of the Artist.
Arif Lohar | Punjabi Classical Folk Music Download
Arif Lohar Punjab Folk Music Singer. He was  born on small village called Aach Goch in District Gujrat, Panjab Pakistan in 1966. He is most popular Pakistani Punjabi Songs, Classical Music Artist. He sung lot of great songs in different languages. Arif Lohar is great singer of Pakistan he sung lot of great Punjabi songs such as Arif Lohar Jugni. 

He is most popular Pakistani Punjabi Snogs Artist. He usually sings with native Musical Instrument resembling tongs called a "Chimta". His Punjab Folk Music is representative of Traditional Folk heritage of the Punjab. Arif Lohar is very great Artist of Pakistan and he sung Punjabi Sufi Music in his Father's singing style. He is most popular artist of Punjab, he sung lot of great Jugni Music in different styles and lot of popular Arif Lohar Songs.

He performed well in foreign countries and he got lot of awards.He has sung lot of great songs in Pakistan Film Industry and also he is good actor in Lollywood. Her singing style is more like in Punjab and Pakistan. He is most famous Artist on Pakistan Television.   He was very popular in Punjabi Folk Music. He created great name in Pakistan Music. 
Arif Lohar sung poetry of great Pakistan poets, he sung in different languages and also he has sung in Pakistan Film Industry and he is best Actor he is awarded Pride of Performance in 2005 from Government of Pakistan the highest civil award in Pakistan.  

He is the son of great Folk Music Singer Alam Lohar.  He started singing to explore the folk singing of Punjab, and to keep the tradition of his father alive. I have selected below most popular super hit Punjabi songs, Bhangra Songs, Jugni Songs of Arif Lohar. 
Arif Lohoar Punjabi Folk Music Download
Download Bol Mitti Diyan Jugni
Download Dilwala Dukhra Jugni
Download Gal Sun Chhalya
Download Hirni Song
Download Insaan Te Rab Da Ehsan
Download Jagga
Download Jugni Original
Download Kamli Jugni
Download Mirza Jugni
Download Mere Akhiyan De
Download Nakhra Jugni
Download Soniye Jugni
Download Sher Punjab Da
Download Saat Din Hijer Wale
Download Tere Sana Mai Keh
Download Tera Pinjra
Punjabi Folk Music is the conventional music it is created utilizing from  melodic instruments like Tumbi, Algoze, Dhadd, Sarangi, Chimta. There is a wide scope of people songs for each event from birth to death including marriage, celebrations, fairs and religious functions. 
Punjabi Folk Music is frequently seen as the conventional music of Punjab and ordinarily has mutual creation. This part of folk music has moved with time yet the more established classifications of people start with the dhadi sort, which follows thoughts of collective origin. 

The society dhadi classification accentuates accounts of chivalry and romantic tales, as exemplified by the various songs of the amazing sentimental stories of Hir-Ranjha and Sahiba-Mirza

Punjabi Music is likewise generally utilized in different life-cycle occasions in the Punjab locale. In pretty much every wedding service relatives, companions, and expert people artists perform various arrangements of Folk Songs which use topics from a nostalgic past. 
However convey subjects of division, satisfaction, dread, and expectation in the present."

The melodious substance of a significant number of these wedding songs have the fatherly home portrayed as a wellspring of affection and sustain. Folk music keeps on being utilized as a cutting edge apparatus and a method for finding distinguishing proof.

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