Master Chander - Top 20  Best Sindhi Old Folk Music Free Download

Master Chander, Sindhi Songs Download Old Indian Sindhi mp3 music download, super hit songs of Master Chander he had sung great songs in his best tenure, still popular as Master Chander Sindhi songs, you can download with one click.

Biography Sindhi Classical Music Artist Master Chander

Master Chander, Sindhi Folk Music Signer, he was born on 07 December 1907 in Tharoo Shah, District Nawab Shah Sindh with Zamindar family, where singing was considered a "Taboo". 

Master Chander was great legendary Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Lok Music Singer. He sang songs in his own style and he was the singer of love and affection with Sindh and Sindhi languages. He creates a great name in Sindhi Mousiqui and  Sindhi Songs. He conveyed different messages to society at different times.

Master Chander has sung songs in praise of Hindu and Muslim Unity and after partition. Master Chander entered into Bombay Film Industry and was the Hero and also the playback Artist for "Maut Ka Toofan". 

Master Chander had sung playbacks for Sindhi Hindi Movies and even today one can hear the popular bhajan "Urr Ja Hans Akela" on the Vivid Bharati. Master Chander had a passion for music from his childhood. I have selected below the most popular Sindhi songs of Master Chander.

Master Chander -  Sindhi Old Folk Music Free Download
Download Aihe Dil Lagi Joo Galhiyoon
Download Anaja Ta Aitem Nandri Aahiyan
Download Halya Halya Sohna Halya
Download Jahen Khi Dilri Dinim
Download Mareen Ya Jayareen
Download Qismat Kai Judai Kahen Te Mayar Nahi
Download Sik Mai O Sik Mai
Download Shal Hi Zamano Kehan khi Na Rulai
Download Tohinji Sheher Mai Aayas Qismat Saa
Download Wanjan Tha Wanjan Tha

Master Chander's renderings kept the audience spellbound for hours during his career as Singer for 47 years. Master Chander was called the Master of Sindhi Musicians. He was the first to sing  Sindhi Sufi Kalams and songs related to love in the Sindhi Language. 

Master Chander started singing at the age of 12 years. Sindhi listeners in all over the World and also in Indian Sindhi now settled in India always remember to Master Chander. This great Sindhi Artist died in November 1984.