Allah Bachayo Karo | Old Sindhi Songs Download

Allah Bachayo Karo | Old Sindhi Songs Download

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Biography Sindhi Music Singer Allah Bachayo Karo 

Allah Bachayo Karo Sindhi Dastan Music Singer. He was great Artist of Sindh he sung  Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Songs, and Sindhi Lok Music. He was great Singer of Sindh and create great name in Sindh Music. Allah Bachayo Karo was popular in Sindhi Music and Dastan Gujharatoon in rural area of Sindh. 

He was  Dastan storyteller Artist of Sindh, he played top and best music in Sindh, specially in rural areas at the night time popular singers played Gujharatoon Music in open Mehfils. Gujharatton Song is the story of one young who is Cow Boy and he succeed to reach the final  bait of Queen and later Queen married with him. 

Allah Bachayo Karo narrated good story in Sindhi Folk Music. Gujharatoon is style music is very old song of is singing style takes place in a live settings. Sindhi Dastan Music has been incorporated in a progression of forty volumes under Sindhi Adabi Board's venture of Old stories and Writing.  I have selected below popular Sindhi Dastan Music of  Allah Bachayo Karo.

Allah Bachayo Karo - Sindhi Dastan Music Free Download
Download Aj Mitho Mursal Assan Jo ( Dastan Hazrat Muhammad S.A)
Download Gujharatoon Telling Story Song
Download Ho Tha Wanjan Mon Khaan Heer Alla (Dastan Sassi Panu)
Download Sindhi Lok Dastan Dhanar Chhokro
Download Saat Sawal Sindhi Lok Dastan

This profitable venture was proficient by noted Sindhi researcher Dr.Nabi Bux Baloch. Allah Bachayo Karo was sung storyteller Music at an open air "Kachahri" in Aotaq, Mela and and marriage ceremonies he is one of popular from Pakistani Sindhi Singers

Allah Bachayo Karo is old  naturally storyteller Artist  in Dastan Music and great Sindhi Classical Music Artist, he distributed his songs from one village to next village listeners like such type of Gujharatoon Music in late evening performances for rural and small towns with audiences. 

The material for the venture has been gathered both from the oral customs town people and the composed record. This Dastan arrangement manages various sections Sindhi old stories and writing i.e. Tales and Pixie tales,pseudo verifiable Sentiments, Society cultural  people songs sayings questions and so forth.

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