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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

FM Broadcasting 95.4 Umerkot | Internet Radio

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FM Broadcasting 95.4 Umerkot | Internet Radio
FM Radio Umerkot 95.4, this FM Radio is presently working in Umerkot City Sindh and providing best information and quality programs for the peoples of Sindh. FM Indus Radio Umerkot Sindh  is very popular FM Radio Station under licensed from Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority PEMRA.  This FM Radio service covered Urban and rural Areas in all areas of District Umerkot and Samaro with best quality sound. 

This FM Radio Service is wast area service with Kunri, Chore cantonment, Khokhrapar, Mirpurkhas, Mithi, Cachro town, Islamkot town and other jurisdictions of Tharparkar Sindh, and we can also listen the service of this FM Radio in the jurisdiction of Badin District. 
This FM Radio with love and affections and also this Broadcasting service you can listen others jurisdictions of Sindh. Umerkot is 60 Kilometer away from Mirpur Khas City, and  the location of this Radio in Umerkot Therparker Sindh

This FM Radio provide best whereabouts of local areas, like FM Radio 91 Ghotki  and FM Radio Tando Muhammad Khan you can listen news  in local Sindhi Language. The Census of 1998 Report reveals that FM Radio Umerkot is the only medium and source of information for most of Rural and part of Urban areas. This FM Radio is providing best quality service to far flung areas of Sindh.
FM Indus Radio 95.4 Umerkot Sindh

History of Umerkot Sindh Pakistan

Umerkot region was controlled by Sodha rajput tribe of Hindu Rajputs from medieval occasions until 1947 Partition of British India. The city held noticeable quality during the Mughal Empire and the British Raj. 

Mughal Emperor Akbar was conceived in Amarkot 14 October 1542 when his dad Humayun fled from the military destruction because of Sher Shah Suri. Rana Parshad, the Sodha Rajput leader of Umarkot, gave him refuge. Later on, Akbar brought northwestern India, including current Pakistan under Mughal rule. Marvi of Umar Marvi love adventure was kept here at Amarkot fortification. 

FM Broadcasting 95.4 Umerkot | Internet Radio

Its ruler Rana Ratan Singh was hanged by the British at this fortification for defending the privileges of the Sindhis. At the season of parcel, the Raja of Umerkot regal state agreed to Pakistan. Umerkot was the main regal state with a Hindu lion's share, that acquiesced to Pakistan.

Rana Chandra Singh, a government serve and the chieftain of the Hindu Sodha Thakur Rajput family and the Umerkot Jagir, was one of the author individuals from Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and was chosen for the National Assembly of Pakistan from Umarkot, multiple times with PPP somewhere in the range of 1977 and 1999, when he established the Pakistan Hindu Party (PHP). Currently, his lawmaker child Rana Hamir Singh is the 26th Rana of Tharparkar, Umarkot and Mithi.