Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Misri Deplai Sindhi Folk Music Singer

Misri Depali Sindhi Classical Music Singer. He  belonging to Taluka Diplo District Mithi Therparker, he was great Classical Music Artist and his father Allah Dino Langho was famous singer of Sindh. He started singing at the age of 10, his  first song was broadcasting from Radio Pakistan Hyderabad in 1971 and on Pakistan Television in 1974.  His lot great popular Sindhi Old Music is very popular.
Misri Deplai Sindhi Folk Music Singer
Misri Diplai released around 25 audio cassettes before giving up singing. He was most popular Sindhi Songs, Sindhi Folk Music Artist. He sung great songs in Sindhi language and other languages such as Marwari and Datki. He create great name in Sindh Music, he was very popular in Sindhi Cultural Music, he sung very popular songs of Hazrat Shah Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai  R.A and Maulvi Ahmed Mallah and other poets of Sindh. He sung in  Sindhi, Classical Mousiqui, Folk Music, Datki Marwari Songs. Misri Deplai sung Sindhi devotional Music, he was Singer of Sindhi Rural Area, peoples like his great singing style. All his Music was too popular in all over Sindh, specially in Therparker Sindh. He sung in Aotaq, Mela and open Mehfils and marriage ceremonies. 

The conventional aggregations of Shah Jo Risalo by Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A incorporate 30 Surs which are sung as Sindhi Raag Rung. The most seasoned productions of Shah Jo Risalo contained approximately 36 Surs, however later the greater part of the etymologists disposed of 6 Surs, as their dialect and substance did not coordinate with the Shah's style. As of late, Dr. Nabi Bakhsh Baloch, the most eminent etymologist of Sindhi dialect has aggregated and printed another release 32 years of research in people culture, dialect and history of Sindhi dialect.  I have selected some songs of Misri Deplai.
Misri Deplai Sindhi Classical Music Artist
Sohna Pakhi Morr
Sigho Wer Sanghira
Song in Sur Moomal Rano
Sindhi Raag Umer Marvi
Unforgettable Amer Geet
Sindhi Cultural Song