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Monday, September 28, 2015

Saloo Bheel | Sindhi Alghoza Music Download

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Alghoza Music Instrumental Songs | Saloo Bheel

Sindhi Alghoza Artist Saloo Bheel Biogrpahy

Saloo Bheel Alghoza Instrument Saaz Singer. He sung songs on Alghoza Instrumental Music, he played lok Music on Alghoza, he is great Alghoza Music Singer of Sindh.  He create create name in Sindh Music. Sindhi Alghoza Music Singer Saloo Bheel is very popular Alghoza Been Artist. 
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The Alghoza history originated from Middle East and travelling through Iran and Turkey, it finally reached Balochistan, Rajasthan and Sindh. The popularity of Alghoza is in Sindhi Music and it has spread all over Pakistan and World.
Alghoza Saaz consisting on  a pair of flutes of nearly the same length and width. The one flute is used for a continuous drone, while the other is played to produce a melody song and it has six holes. I have selected some popular Alghoza Music of Saloo Bheel.
Saloo Bheel Sindhi Alghoza Songs Download
Download Sindhi Alghoza Music
Download Super Hit Alghoza Been Music
Download Memorable Alghoza Song
Download Sur Rano in Alghoza Music
Download Sur Sassi Kohiyari in Alghoza
Download Sur Marvi in Alghoza

The instrument originated from the Middle East and travelling through Iran and Turkey, it finally reached Balochistan, Rajasthan and Sindh in the Indian Subcontinent.  Saloo Bheel Alghoza Artist of Sindh. 

He Sindhi Alghoza Players given great performance like Ustad Khamiso Khan, Misri Khan JamaliAkbar Khamiso Khan, Arbab Khoso and others. Saloo Bheel is great Alghoza player of Sindh he played Alghoza in MEHFILS, MELA and other open Mehfils. 

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