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Monday, October 12, 2015

Folk Music-Sindhi Songs Download | Ghulam Hussain Umrani

Ghulam Hussain Umrani Sindhi Fok Music Singer. He is most popular Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Songs Sindh Lok Music Singer. He sung lot of  great Sindhi songs in Sindhi and Saraiki language and he sung all songs in his own style for new generation of Sindh.
Folk Music-Sindhi Songs Download | Ghulam Hussain Umrani
Ghulam Hussain Umrani create great name in Sindh Music and he is good Folk Music Artist of Sindh. Her Sindhi Folk Music are very popular in young culture of Sindhi peoples.  His most popular songs such as  "Aashiq Majboor Aa", "Allah Hi Allah", "Hae Hae Tuti Dil", "Aashiq Jo Lash Yaro" and also he sung popular Urdu Folk Music Song "Raat Ke Andhere Mein". Ghulam Hussain Umrani Sung all type of songs specially in Sindhi Language.

Ghulam Hussain Umrani was born in 1975, he has sung very hit songs, for youth Sindhi culture, peoples like his songs due to great style in "Chapri and Yaktaro" was popular instrument of Sindh. He is also sung Sindhi Classical Music on the Shrines of Buzrigs. He is famous Artist of Sindhi Pop Music, and also sung sung poetry of most popular Sindhi poets. Now in these days the Music of Ghulam Hussain is very popular in Village to Village and City to City. He sung in marriage ceremonies, Mela and other activities. I have selected below most popular Music of Ghulam Hussain Umrani.
Ghulam Hussain Umrani-Sindhi Folk Music Download
Download Ashiq Majboor Aa
Download Allah Hi Allah
Download Bhali Ker Judai
Download Disi Gora Kire Pawan Ghora
Download Dil Majboor Aa
Download Ghora Ugi Ugi Moon
Download Ghareeb Ajayo Jao
Download Hi Re Assan Ja Naseeb
Download Haif Huje Lakh Waar
Download Jhera Chhad
Download Mushkil Percha
Download Nakhra Na Ker
Download Piyar Bheryoon Ratiyoon
Download Payo Ghot Chhane Mai Achi
Download Pather Jahre Sajan
Download Tu Perdesi Marho
Download Wanje O Wanje
Download Wisare Chhadyo Bewafa
Download Wadi Ghalti Kayam

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