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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Akbar Khamiso Khan | Instrumental Music Download

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Akbar Khamiso Khan | Instrumental Music Download

Sindhi Alghoza Artist Akbar Khamiso Khan Biography

Akbar Khamiso Khan Sindhi Alghoza Music Artist. He belonging to Sindhi family from Tando Muhammad Khan, Hyderabad  and he is son of Alghoza Master Ustad Khamiso Khan. He is most popular Sindhi legendary Alghoza Master. 

He  has sung "Sindhi Instrumental Songs " in Alghoza with stylish "Sur Sangeet", his Stylish Alghoza is most popular in all over the World. Akbar Khamiso Khan is popular Alghoza Player and he created great name in Sindh Music.
Ustad Khamiso Khan father of Akbar Khamiso Khan introduced Alghoza in Sindhi Songs Dhun all over the World, it is a pair of wooden flutes. Sindhi Algoza adopted by Sindhi, Rajasthani and Baloch folk Musicians, also called "Jorhi", "Do Nally, Satara". 

It resembles a pair of wooden flutes. The musician plays it by using three fingers on each side. It is generally used as a folk instrument and Punjabi folk singers use it to play traditional music such as "Jugni", "Jind Mahi", and "Mirza". I have selected below most Popular Alghoza Music of Akbar Khamiso Khan.
Akbar Khamiso Khan Sindhi Saaz Instrumental Music Download
Download Alghoza Saaz Magic Style
Download Alghoza Sindhi Music
Download Alghoza Sindhi Raagni
Download Alghoza Saaz Sindhi Kaafi
Download Alghoza Sur Moomal Rano
Download Alghoza Sur Sassi Panu
Download Alghoza Mor Tho Tilay
Download Alghoza Dhamal Hazrat Sakhi Lal Shahbaz Qalander
Download Alghoza Sindhi Kalam
He learnt Alghoza fun from his father. Algoza is generally used as a folk instrument in Sindh provinces and Rajhastan India. Akbar Khamiso Khan is true  Sindhi Alghozo Nawaz  like his father. 
He sung  Kaafi's, Arfana Kalams, Classical Music, in Alghoza. he sung  "Dhamal of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar" and Alghoza Jhoomer and also he performed well in foreign countries. 

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