Friday, November 6, 2015

Shoukat Ali Punjab Folk Music Singer

Shoukat Ali Pakistani Classical Music Singer. Shoukat Ali was born in Malakwal Punjab Pakistan, he is family artist and he created great name in Punjab Folk Music. Shoukat  Ali began singing in 1960  for the first time on stage when he was a student at Government College, Lahore. Shoukat Ali got training of music from his elder brother  Inayat Ali Khan. He is the father of Pakistani singer Imran Shoukat.
Shoukat Ali Punjab Folk Music Singer
He has performed, Pakistan Folk Music, Pakistan Ghazals, he performed well at the 1982 in Asian  Games in New Dehli India. He is  most popular  Pakistani Folk Songs, Pakistani Ghazals Artist. He is most famous and legendary Artist of Pakistan. He sung lot of great Ghazals and Punjab Folk Music Songs.  His song "Kadi te Has Bol Ve" was used in the  "Film Love Aaj Kal". He also released a track titled "Jagga". 

He also sung great popular song of "Allama Iqbal R.A", "Jab Bahar Aai Tu Sehra Kai Terf Chal Nikla", this song was very popular. He began his career as a professional singer by participating in Radio Pakistan, he became popular among the people of Punjab. He was awarded the highest Pakistani civilian Presidential award, as well as the Voice of Punjab Award. He has  sung Dastans Music of "Mirza Sahiban", "Saif-ul-Maluk" and "Heer Ranjha" and was famous in Pakistani Music for their emotional depth and also he got lot of awards as a cultural Ambassador of Pakistan. I have selected below most popular Music of Shoukat Ali.
Shoukat Ali Pakistani Classical Music Singer
Ai Dunya Ai
Dus Way Wakila
Heer Warish Shah
Jhaiya Dila
Jab Bahar Aai Tu Sehra Ke Terf Chal Nikla
Kyon Rukha Rukha Bolna
Kuri Sup Da Bahana
Kagaz Di Beri
Mithe Bolan Naal
Mai Tirke Ghari Da Pani
Mawan Thandi Chhawan
Peenay Aa Te Apni Liye
Pa Gai Sano Umran Da Rona
Ranjha Ni Faqeer Ho Gaya
Sade Pahle Pahle Piyara Nu
Tere Laal Parande
Walayat Kano Aa Gai