Thursday, November 5, 2015

Syed Wazir Ali Shah Sindhi Classical Music Download
Syed Wazir Ali Shah Sindhi Classical Music Singer. He was most popular Sindhi Folk Music, Sindhi Sufi Music Singer. He sung lot of great songs in Sindhi and Saraiki language.
 He is most demanded singer of Sindh. Syed Wazir Ali Shah is great Sindhi Sufi Music Singer, he created great name in Sindh Music.  He has played great role in popular Sindhi Cultural Music, Sindhi Lok Music, Sindhi Folk Music and all across the Sindh. His rendering of "Sindhi Kalaams" was divine and used to enthrall and transfix listeners, and transport them into a different world.  Syed Wazir Ali Shah has sung all Sindhi Sufi Songs of great poetry of Popular Sindhi poets, Such as "Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A", "Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A", "Hazrat Rakhial Shah R.A" and other poets of Sindh. He has sung his Classical Sufi Music on Local TV Channels, Radio Pakistan, Marriage ceremonies, Mela and Shrines of Bizrigs in Sindh and other local Mehfils.  I have selected below most popular Sindhi Classical Songs of  Syed Wazir Ali Shah.
Syed Wazir Ali Shah Sindhi Sufi Music 
Download Aaon Abani Wanjan
Download Ali Khi Yaad Ker
Download Akhiyan Tedyan Koon
Download Ahri Nind Aayam Nibhagi
Download Adiyoon Aari Jaam Se
Download Aashqan De Raazan Wich
Download Aaoon Abanan Wanjan
Download Deewana Ho Deewana
Download Deedan Ji Shaheedan
Download Darde Dil Darde Dil
Download Hujat Na Halandi
Download Hit Nahi Tu Kith Nah
Download Jashane Qalander
Download Lago Mohinje Ander Mai Aarah
Download Muslim Kahandy Allah Allah
Download Moo Mai Thi Aib Hazaar
Download Maalik Tobah Tu Der
Download Moo Saan Dilber Dilber Dilri Na Lai Haa
Download Neehan Bina Nadan Aihe Andhan Ja Arkan
Download Na Maan Syed Na Syed
Download Piyalo Peetal Huje
Download Pakhi Parwaz Thi Wenda
Download Uthi Jaag Chhad Nind Nibhag

Biography Sindhi Folk Music Artist Syed Wazir Ali Shah

Syed Wazir Ali Shah sung Sindhi Cultural Music in Sindhi roots areas and peoples like his sweet sound. Syed Wazir Ali Shah enriched the world of Sindhi and Saraiki Sufi Music and enthralled the audiences with his masterful artistry. His soulful rendition has been bringing solace to many a hearts. He is one of those rare Classical Musicians who expanded the peripheries of Classical Songs by taking it to the common masses.

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