Saturday, October 10, 2015

Manzoor Sakhirani Sindhi Folk Music Singer
Manzoor Sakhirani Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He is most popular Classical Music, Lok Music, Pop Music Artist.
He sung Super Hit songs in different language and he create great name in Sindh MusicManzoor Sakhirani is popular Sindhi Music  Artist and he is most popular in all over Sindh due to his new stylish singing. Sindhi youth culture like her singing style, he is great Artist of KTN TV Channel, Kashish TV Channel, Sindh TV Channel, and other Sindhi popular TV Channels. He sung all kinds of songs, as per demand of Sindhi peoples. He is highly admired by the people of Sindh and his songs are very popular in new generation. Sindhi poets, such as "Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A", "Hazrat Sachal Sermat R.A", "Ustad Bukhari", and other popular Sindhi Poets. He sung Cultural Sindhi Music, and also sung Sindh Dherti songs in Sindhi language. I have selected below most popular Music of Manzoor Sakhirani.
Manzoor Sakhirani Sindhi Classical Music 
Download Anjan Pireen Kon
Download Bersat Ji Bhinal
Download Deedar Wayo Athai
Download Hikro Manho Darhoon Dano
Download Hee Raat
Download Hee Dil Udaas Aahi
Download Ha Maan Tohinji Bina Kuchh Bhi Na Aahiyan
Download Kon Bachsan Dard Tede Wich
Download Khil Sohna Khil
Download Khat Tu De Likhan Wetho
Download Khani Payo Naaz Maan Nazroon
Download Moti Mund Bhi Aai Aa
Download Mehboob Kaya Mana
Download Maan Pehinji Palak
Download Maan Chho Bhi Runo Aahiyan
Download Roz Raray
Download Tu Sawa Ai Khuda
Download Ther Laar Saro
Download Waqt Guzri Wayo
Download Yaad Ker Bewafa

Biography Sindhi Folk Music Singer Manzoor Sakhirani

Manzoor Sakhirani has dedicated his life for the Folk Music of Sindh, specially he sung super hit Lok Music, and even determined to give away his life for Sindhi stylish Music. Manzoor Sakhirani sung popular songs different Sindhi Channels, he is demanded Artist of Sindh, his love with Sindhi Music is memorable for all time. 

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