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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sindhi Songs-Folk Music Download | Anwar Hussain Wistro

Ustad Anwar Hussain Wistro Sindhi Classical Music Singer. He is most popular Sindhi Folk Music and famous Sindhi Lok Music Artist. He has sung Super Hit Sindhi songs in Sindhi and Saraiki language and also he sung Sindhi Classical Music. He is called "Ustad" in Sindhi Classical Mousiqui. 
Sindhi Songs-Folk Music Download | Anwar Hussain Wistro
He is most popular legendary Artist of of Sindh, he create great name in Sindh Music. Sindhi Singer Ustad Anwar Hussain Wistro is great Classical Musician of Sindh. He created great name in Sindhi Music. He is very popular in all over Sindh and Pakistan. His Music goes to put affects on every hearts. He has sung Sindhi Kaafi's and Sindhi Songs of great Sufi poets and other popular poets of Sindh as Classical Songs, Folk Songs and peoples of Sindh like sweet sound of Ustad Anwar Hussain Wistro. 

He is very popular and famous Singer of Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television. He sung in open Mehfils, Marriage ceremonies, and Mela occasions. I have selected below most popular Super Hit Sindhi Music of Ustad Anwar Hussain Wistro. Ustad Anwar Hussain is well known Folk Music Singer of Sindhi Language. Specially Sindhi Music is very popular in all over Sindh. Sindh is famous about Sindhi Sufi Music, Sindhi Kalam and Lok Music and also Sindhi poets are very popular in all over the World.
Ustad Anwar Hussain Wistro-Sindhi Classical Music Download
Download Afsos Tohinji Wafa
Download Awahan Ji Shaher
Download Bhudhai Thi Dilri
Download Chho Dilriyoon Piyo
Download Chhaday Wanjan Ji Galh Na Ker
Download Cherya Ishiq Wara Sadba Aahen
Download Dunya Mai Rahi Dilber
Download Denhan Rat Tohinji Aa Piyara
Download Haal Mohinja Ker Puchhando
Download Ishiq Ishiq Sadbo Aahi
Download Janiara Tohinji Sik Aa lagi
Download Na Qaid Karo Maikoon
Download Tu Achan Jo Chhade
Download Tu Manho Megh Malhar
Download Wiye Dhar Kare Dilber

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