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Monday, August 24, 2015

Amir Bux Ronjho | Chang Jaw Harp Songs Download

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Amir Bux Ronjho | Chang Jaw Harp Songs Download
Amir Bux Ronjho Sindhi Jew's Harp Chang Player  Biography

Amir Bux Ronjho Chang Sindhi Saaz Artist. He was most popular Singer of Chang Instrument in Sindh. He played Chang Instrumental Music with new style.  Amir Bux Ronjho was great Chang Player of Sindh and create good name in Sindh Music.

 He played Chang Sindhi Saaz  with Classical Music and Folk  Music in local Mehfils, Mela and other ceremonies. He was very famous Chang Master of Radio Pakistan Hyderabad and Pakistan Television.
Chang is wind percussion instrument, mainly used in Rajasthan and Sindh. It is very popular for the people of rural areas and also it is Carnatic Music of Sindh, Pakistan and South India specially in Rajhastan India. 

Chang called in English Jaw Harp and very popular as Sindhi Saaz. It consists of a metal ring in the shape of a horseshoe with two parallel forks which form the frame, and a metal tongue in the middle, between the forks. 

It  fixed to the ring at one end and free to vibrate at the other. The metal tongue is bent at the free end in a plane perpendicular to the circular ring so that it can be struck and is made to vibrate. I have selected most popular songs in Chang Jew's Harp Instrumental Songs of Amir Bux Ronjho.
Amir Bux Ronjho Sindhi Instrumental Music Download
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Introduction Jew's Harp Murchang Sindhi Saaz

The Jew's harp, otherwise called the jaw harp, mouth harp, Ozark harp, juice harp, or "Murchunga" is a lamellophone instrument, comprising of an adaptable metal or bamboo tongue or reed connected to a casing. 

The tongue/reed is set in the entertainer's mouth and culled with the finger to create a note. Each instrument produces one pitch just, with its products suggestions, however unique measured instruments give various pitches. There is no standard pitch chang it is called Instrumental Music

Jew's harps might be classified as  regardless of whether the edge and the tine are one piece), by the state of the edge (pole or plaque), by the quantity of tines, and whether the tines are culled, joint-tapped, or string-pulled and it is best instrumental music of the world.

The casing is held immovably against the entertainer's separated teeth or lips (contingent upon the sort), utilizing the jaw and mouth as a resonator, enormously expanding the volume of the instrument and it comes instrumental tracks

The teeth must be separated adequately for the reed to vibrate unreservedly, and the meaty pieces of the mouth ought not come into contact with the reed to counteract damping of the vibrations and conceivable torment. 

The note or tone along these lines delivered is steady in pitch, however by changing the state of the mouth, and the measure of air contained in it (and in certain conventions shutting the glottis), the entertainer can make various hints sound and in this way make songs and it is the instrument of old song