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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pakistani Songs-Pop Music Download | Sajjad Ali

Sajjad Ali Pakistani Pop Music Singer. He was born on Karachi in 1966He is most popular Pakistani Pop Music and he is one of the best Pakitani Pop Music Artist, Folk Music, Classical Music Artist. He sung lot of great songs in different languages, such as Urdu, Saraiki and Punjabi. He has sung best Pakistani Pop songs
Pakistani Songs-Pop Music Download | Sajjad Ali
He has sung great songs and specially he was very popular for  Pakistani Sufi Music. He is great singer of Pakistan and create great name in Pakistani Songs. Sajjad Ali made his debut on the 25th anniversary of PTV stage show called Silver Jubilee on November 26 1983. During the show Sajjad Ali sung the song "Lagi Ray Lagay Lagan Yehe Dil Mein" and "Bawari Chakuri".  Best songs was a huge hit in Pakistan and allowed Sajjad Ali to take the first few steps in the Music Industry. Sajjad Ali great talent went on with major hits such as Babia 93, Chief Saab "Sohni Lag De" and many more. Sajjad Ali is most demanded Pakistani Singer.

He create great name in Pakistani Folk Music. He was born into a cricketer family and showed visible signs of musical talents at a very young age.  Sajjad Ali learnt and familiarized himself with the various styles of Pop Music and Pakistani Folk Music and instruments such as Ragas that allowed Sajjad to build his musical talent. Sajjad Ali released his first classical hit album Master Sajjad sings Memorable Classics in 1979 the musicians were great Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Mehdi Hassan Khan Sahab and Ghulam Ali and Amanat Ali Khan most of the songs were written by Hasrat Mohani.
Sajjad Ali-Pakistani Urdu Songs-Music Download
Download Bul Bul
Download Babia
Download Chal Jhooti
Download Cinderella
Download Chhupa Ke Rakhna
Download Daman Lagi Aa Moula
Download Laari Adda
Download Laiyan Laiyan
Download Mood
Download Paniyoon Mai Chal Rahi Hain
Download Piyar Kahan Bikta
Download Sohni Lagdi Ho Mainoon Sohni Lagdi
Download Tere Yaad
Download Tere Mehindi
Download Yaad Tu Aati Hogi

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