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Talib Hussain Dard Punjab Folk Music
Talib Hussain Dard Punjab Folk Music Singer. He is most popular Classical Music Artist, he sung lot of great songs in Punjabi, Saraiki and Urdu language.
He is still called a singer of "Dard ".  He is great singer of  Punjab and he create great name in Punjab Folk Music. He is very popular due to Sad Sogs in Punjab. Talib Hussain Dard is great Classical Folk Music Singer, Punjab Cultural and Lok Music Artist and he is famous Artist of Punjab Musician Art and he sung such type of songs which peoples like. He is very popular in all over Punjab and  Pakistan. Talib Hussain is well known Panjabi Folk Singer and famous on Radio Pakistan. Specially Punjab Music is very popular in all over the world. Punjab is famous about Sufi Music, Arfana Kalam and Sufi poets are very popular. Talib Hussain Dard has sung lot of great songs and we love his popular songs every time. I have selected below super hit most popular Sad songs of  Talib Hussain Dard.
Talib Hussain Dard Punjab Folk Music
Download Aaj Kal Di Yaari
Download Be Takiyan Karenda
Download Chori Chori Tere Naal
Download Gal Payo Chola Lal
Download Hik Wari Phera Pa
Download Injay Patna Te
Download Jadey Naviyan Naviyan
Download Kekoon Khol Sunayain
Download Methon Maang Na
Download Phul Chambeli

Biography Punjab Folk Music Singer Talib Hussain Dard

Talib Hussain Dard was born on 1955 in Khanoana, Khewa, Thesil Bowana District Jhang Punjab Pakistan. He started singing in local marriage  ceremonies  and other events in Jhang District. His first album was released from Pak Gramo Phone Agency Jhang. The  peoples of Punjab specially Jhang, Sargodha, Mandi Bahwal Din and other root areas of Pakistan like his all albums and peoples listen her sad songs with love and affection.  He is very demanded Artist of Punjab Pakistan and also he sung  city to city and village to village. 

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