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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lok Geet-Sehra-Sindhi Songs Download | Zarina Baloch

Ji Ji Zarina Baloch Sindhi Legendary Artist. She was born in 29th December 1934 in Allah Dad Chand Village, Hyderabad Sindh. Ji Ji Zarina Baloch joined Radio Pakistan Hyderabad in 1960 and also she received her first Music Award in 1961. Her Sindhi songs audio are very popular in all over Sindh.
Lok Geet-Sehra-Sindhi Songs Download | Zarina Baloch
She is most popular Sindhi Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Lok Music Sindhi Lok Geet Artist. She was great Artist of Sindh and create great name in Sindh Music. She  sung Sindhi Lok Geet, Sehra and Sindhi National songs. Due to her great struggle in music she earned the title of "JeeJee" means "Mother" of the Sindhi people and also she was founder of Sindhiani Tehreek. 

She got  Shah Latif Award, Waheed Murad Award, Shah Sachal Sami Award,  Lal Shahbaz Award,  Sachal Award, SGA Award, SANA Award, WSC Award, Ram Panjwani Award. She also got PTV Award, Sindhi Sadaeen Gad Award, Faiz Ahmed Faiz Award and the Pride of Performance Award. Ji Ji Zarina Baloch was Folk Singer of Sindh and Sindhi peoples like her lot of Sehra and other songs.  I have selected below her most popular Sindhi Sehra and Sindhi Folk Music of Zarina Baloch.  She was great name of Sindhi Sehra, Lok Geet Music and Pakistani Sindhi Sehra. She was very popular singer of Pakistan and specially in Sindhi Music. this legendary Artist of Sindh was died on 25 October 2005.
Zarina Baloch-Sindhi Folk Music-Sehra Download
Download Aseen Manho Laar Ja
Download Ander Wichhayan Sej Surhi Sindhi Sehro
Download Aihi Angan Mohinji Ladal Ja Wasanda Sindhi Sehro
Download Bhener Mohinjo Chhalro Pani Mai Sehro
Download Bhi Khaber Nahi Per Mern Khaan Po
Download Chhad Paraya Sona Kangan Sindhi Sehro
Hin Angan Te Morr Lagi Wai Bahari Sindhi Sehro
Download Ishiq Uqab Pakhi Pardehi
Download Keean Keryan Maan
Download Morr Tho Tilay Rana Sindi Sehro
Download Mohinji Bariray Khi Lodo Diyo Sindhi Sehro
Download Piyari Loli
Download Pairen Pawandi Saan
Download Suss Sohray Gal Lai Sindhi Sehro
Download Sanwal Manho Werlho Wari De Sindhi Sehro
Download Sindhri Te Sirr Kair Na Dendo
Download Sindhi Nation Song
Download Sindhi Haari Song
Download Wani Mani Banra Sindhi Sehro
Download Yaad Aaya Fasana

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