Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ahmed Mughal Sindhi Classical Music Singer

Ahmed Mughal Sindhi Classical Music Singer. He is most popular Sindhi Folk Music Artist. He has sung lot of Sindhi Cultural Songs in Sindhi language. Ahmed Mughal is most popular Sindhi Singer and  he create great name in Sindhi Music. He is  brother of the popular Sindhi Singer "Sarmad Sindhi" "Rehman Mughal". 
Ahmed Mughal Sindhi Classical Music Singer
Ahmed Mughal is famous among young generation and he sung all kinds of songs, like as, Sindhi Classical Mousiqui, Sindhi Pop Music. He is most demanded  Artist in Sindhi Cultural. He is most Artist due to  he has sung "Sindh Dherti Songs". He has sung poetry of popular Sindhi poets, such as "Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A", "Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A", "Shaikh Ayaz" and other latest famous poets of Sindh. His struggle in Sindhi Music is admirable and he love with Sindhi Songs.

When his latest Albums coming in the Market peoples also wait for their hit songs. Ahmed Mughal also  praised of his homeland "Sindh Dherti" in his great songs. He is now  now very famous in "Sindh TV",  "Mehran TV", "KTN TV", "Kashish TV", and also on other local Sindhi TV Channels. He has sung unforgettable  "Sindhi Kalam", in the style of his great brother Sarmad Sindhi. Ahmed Mughal has invaluable experience, in Sindhi young cultural songs, his most popular song is "Jeay Sindh Jeay Sindh Wara Jeean". I have selected below most popular Music of Ahmed Mughal.
Ahmed Mughal Sindhi Folk Music Singer
Aan Moula Jani Khi
Ajab Rang Aahen Dunya Mai
Allah Ji Nale
Allah Tu Khi Aani
Dil Na Lagi Thi Tu Sawa
Dilber Thi Wayo Juda
Hath Mai Gulab
Hijar Mai Hanjoon Na Haar Ja
Hik Dehan Bewafa
Khushyoon Daye Jin
Lagi Rahi Aa Thadri Heer
Lok Dina Dukh
Manho Piyara
Mohinjo Naseeb
Moula Khair Kare
Na Roaijan Pireen
Perdesi Moti Aa
Sansan Galyoon
Sindh Jeeay Sindh Wara Jeean
Sohna Manhoo Sindh Ja
Tu Hut Rowain Maan Hit Rowan
Tohinje Shaher Khi