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Folk Music-Sindhi Songs Download | Jalal Jogi

Sindhi Folk Music Singer Jalal Jogi Biography

Jalal Jogi Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He is most popular Sindhi Classical Music, Sindhi Songs Singer. He is great Artist of Sindh, he sung songs in Sindhi language, his lot of songs are very popular.  Jalal Jogi create great name in Sindhi Music and he sung lot of great Sindhi popular Songs in village culture and feudal society of Sindh, with its rural base, its Autaqs. 
He sung poetry of Sindhi most famous poets and he is most popular singer of latest Sindhi culture. Jalal Jogi grew up surrounded by the sounds  and took up the study and practice of Sindhi Cultural Music, Sindhi Kalam

He is  very popular in Sindhi young culture, he sung in local TV Channels and also local Mehfils, Marriage ceremonies and Mela  in all over Sindh. It is an unforgettable experience in  Sindhi Pop Music.  I have selected below most popular Music  of Jalal Jogi.
Jalal Jogi Sindhi Folk Music Download
Download Ai Maalik Tohinji Dunya
Download Arman Ta Thendo
Download Assan Pan Fatya Piya Aahiyoon
Download Assan Busen Ja
Download Bedard Khi Chayo
Download Phone Mathan Phone Pai Kayo
Download Horiyan Horiyan
Download Jeeway Jani Tu
Download Kai Seen Tai Chotoon Khaie
Download Maan Rowan Tho
Download Mithra Masha Allah
Download Mohinji Eid Wanjayain
Download Mohinjo Khareebano Piyar
Download Natha Milan Diyan Tu Saan
Download Pehinjo Ghar Abad Kai
Download Qismat Chayo Ta Zaroor
Download Rani Matki Wari
Download Raat Galhiyoon Kande
Download Sach Tho Chawan
Download Sik Lagi Moo Khi
Download Soor Ji Mohinja
Jalal Jogi has  sung great songs and love with Sindhi poets. Jogi Jalal  has invaluable experience, in Sindhi Pop Music and Sindhi young music culture. His most popular song is "Raani Matke Wale" is very popular on local TV Channels
Jalal Jogi is good name in Sindh’s cultural history drew towards a close and he is the greatest surviving Sindhi Lok Music Artist.

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