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Dhol Faqeer Sindhi Folk Music Singer

Dhol Faqeer Sindhi Folk Music Singer. He was very popular and belonging to Tando Allah Yar Sindh Pakistan.very popular  Sindhi Music Artist. He sung Sindhi Classical Music and famous Sindh Sufi  Music. He was create great name in Sindhi Old Music. He has sung lot of Sufi Songs with his sweet Sound. Dhol Faqeer used Sindhi Saaz Tanboora and he was sung lot great style of Dastan Music.
Dhol Faqeer Sindhi Folk Music Singer
He was called Artist of Sindhi Songs and Cultural Lok Music, his sweet sound affected on spirits and his style to wear turban "Patka", he was sung in Mehfils, Pakistan Television,  Radio Pakistan Hyderabad and marriage ceremonies in Rural areas of Sindh. He had sung the poetry of Sindhi Sufi poets, such as Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A, Hazrat Sachal Sermast R.A, Hazrat Faqeer Wali Muhammad R.A,  and other popular Sindhi poets. His Old Classical Music and Folk Music is very popular in all over the Pakistan and specially in Sindhi peoples listen it who have settled all over the world.  

He was great Artist of Sindh. There are two levels of Sufism in Pakistani Sindhi Songs. The first is the "Populist Sufism" of the rustic populace. This level of Sufism includes confidence in mediation through holy people, adoration of their places of worship and framing bonds with a Pir. Sindh Province  Muslims connect with Pirs and look for their intercession. The second level of Sufism in Pakistan is "Scholarly Sufism" which is developing among the urban and instructed populace. They are affected by the works of Sufi's. The Sufi Singers sung Wai and Raag of Sufi Poets. Dhol Faqeer is one of the most famous Artist of Sufi Singer. I have selected most popular Music of  Dhol Faqeer.
Dhol Faqeer Sindhi Sufi Music Singer
Aayo Yaar Angan
Ahriyoon Husen Wariyoon
Dhada Dukhya Guzariyam Deehan
Galh Keriyan Maan Kahri
Lai Ta Nimani Saan Neehan
Mahi Yaar Ker Na Mana
Mander Moye Mathan Bhero Hot Bhanji Waya
Moo Khi Mili Aa Mubarak Sohni Yaar Ji
Moo Khi Sajan Saien
Perdesiyen Ja Piyar Dam Dam Dilri Yaad
Qasid Chaijan Piren Khi
Rano Ta Moye Khan Raat Rusi Wayo
Soor Unhi Sari Honde Wiya Halya
Soorat Mai Sirr Subhan
Zakham Seenay Wich
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