Monday, October 10, 2016

Arieb Azhar Punjabi Sufi Music Singer

Arieb Azhar Punjabi Folk Music Singer. He is great Punjabi Sufi Music Artist and he create great name in Punjab Folk Music Songs and Pakistani Cultural Music. He started as a child when he discovered that when he expressed himself great singer and  peoples would pay attention on his great songs. 
Arieb Azhar Punjabi Sufi Music Singer
The parents of Arieb Azhar  were involved in television and theater he was exposed at an early age to different musical expressions.  According to him the early folk  Music and Classical Music. He listened to popular his later love for Traditional Music, he picked up the guitar in his younger age  with his sweet voice. Arieb Azhar found an expression that he can proudly call great Sufi Music Singer. He has sung Punjabi songs and he is master of Punjabi Classical Music.  

He  played a great role in popular Punjabi Classical Music, Lok Music, Folk Music  and Sufi Music in all across the World.  Arieb Azhar Punjabi Pakistani Sufi Singer. His first album was released Wajj which includes the great  lyrics of Bhulleh Shah, Khwaja Ghulam Farid, and Mian Mohammad Baksh, as well as more contemporary lyrics by Sarmad Sehbai.  He went off to Croatia in the age of 19 just as it was breaking away from Yugoslavia, and spent the next 13 years of his life there. He was introduced Balkan and Gypsy Music in Punjabi Song.  He was one of the founders of the band "Shamrock Rovers" with whom he recorded two albums of a unique interpretation of Celtic Music. I have selected below most popular Music of Arieb Azhar.
Arieb Azhar Punjabi Folk Music Singer
Ghoom Charkhya
Jindari Lutti
Kahe Rokat
Makke Gayan
Maye Ni Main Kinnu Aakhan
Monh Aai Baat Na Rrehndi Ae
Nach Dila
Saif ul Malook
Wehrre Aa Varr Mere