Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Asghar Khoso Sindhi Comedy Songs Singer

Ghulam Asghar Khoso Sindhi Comedy Actor. Asghar Khoso is very popular  Comedian.  He is belonging to Teshil Johi, District Dadu Sindh. His comedy and acting is very popular on Social Media as Sindhi Comedy Songs. He is most popular Comedian Actor of Sindhi Comedy Fankar and his fun on comes to FM Radio Stations. 
Asghar Khoso Sindhi Comedy Songs Singer
This Comedian is very famous on Social Media Sites, peoples like his comedy well.  He has performed in various programs on KTN Channel and he has also performed shows in Sindhi Comedy Shows. This Comedian performed well in Local Mela, Mehfils, and he performed in Marriage Ceremonies and other programs in Sindh. Asghar Khoso entertained the audience with jokes in Sindhi Language. 

 This actor is famous due to his own style comedy and acting on social media.  His is still famous Comedy Actor of Sindh on local area Channels. His comedy is very popular in District Dadu and jurisdiction areas of Sindh. He performed his well acting in Comedy such as Jokes "Muskrahatain" in this tenure of tension. I appreciate his great comedy on local social Media Channels his Cassettes Audio and Video  and Sindhi Comedy Clips are mostly sold in the local Market of all over Sindh. I have selected  below most popular Sindhi Comedy of Asghar Khoso.
Asghar Khoso Sindhi Comedy Clips Songs
Awam Khood Siyasatdan Hai
Jhoot sara Sar Jhoot
Dharna Hai
Dilwale Dulhaniyan Le Jai Gay
Eid ul Fitr Show
Ghareeb Lai Nokri
Rakshay Mai Mehbooba
Mehbooba Ko Phone
Mera Jan Papa
Muni Badnam Howi
Rastay Ka Maal Sasta
Selfi Bakra Eid Pe
Sodane Dhadho