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Monday, October 3, 2016

Movie Aakhri Khat | Old Indian Songs Download

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Movie Aakhri Khat | Old Indian Songs Download

Old Hindi Movie Aakhri Khat 1966 Introduction

Bollywood Film Aakhri Khat 1966. The story of this Movie is that  Govind Actor "Rajesh Khanna" is a young sculptor. While traveling close Kullu, he sees Lajjo Actress "Indrani Mukherjee"  and becomes hopelessly enamored. Along these lines, they get hitched furtively in a town sanctuary. The Bollywood Songs of this movie is still very famous in all over the World. 
He at that point needs to leave for the city to promote his instruction. In the mean time, the young lady discovers that she is pregnant. On discovering this, her stepmother auctions her for Rs. 500, where she is beaten. 
Some time later, she brings forth a young man named Buntu. Afterward, Lajjo comes to Mumbai to meet Govind, conveying her one-year-old child. She leaves a letter for him at his doorsteps, and needs to leave the youngster with him too.  I have selected most  popular songs and hit Gaana of Film Aakhri Khat 1966.
Movie Aakhri Khat 1966 Bollywood Old Songs Download
DownloadAur Kuchh Dair Thaher
DownloadBaharo Mera Jeewan Bhi Sanwaro
DownloadHai Kuchh Bhi Nahi
DownloadMere Kanda Mere Nahi
DownloadRutt Jawan Jawan
Be that as it may, she can't proceed with it, so she takes Buntu with her.  Whatever remains of the film is an account of the little tyke, meandering around the city. He leaves the house, eating whatever he finds, including a pill, which influences him to nap off. The Super Hit songs of Hindi Music Audio are most listening in the World.
Further on awakening, he meanders much more into the city. In the mean time, Govind, comes know all through a letter she has deserted, Aakhri Khat means Last Letter, he soon understands his mix-up and with the assistance of police tries to discover his better half and child, however just discovers his significant other's body.

Afterward, he demonstrates the Police overseer Naik, "Manvendra Chitnis", the statue of Lajjo he has kept in his studio.  The tyke is then protected by a man who is a staff individual from a halfway house adjacent. He escapes from that place during the evening.

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