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Monday, October 3, 2016

Hindi Music Gaana-Bollywood Songs | Movie Ashiqui 2

Bollywood Movie Ashiqui 2. This Film was released on 26 April 2013. The story of this Film is that Rahul "Jaykar Aditya Roy Kapur"  a fruitful Artist and artist whose vocation is fading a direct result of his liquor fixation to perform at a phase appear in Goa. After about finishing a tune, he is out of the blue hindered by Aryan "Salil Acharya", who was losing his vocation because of Rahul's, amid his execution. Rahul battles him, stops his execution, and drives to a nearby bar. He meets Aarohi Keshav Shirke "Shraddha Kapoor", a bar vocalist who adores Rahul in Hindi Songs.
Hindi Music Gaana-Bollywood Songs | Movie Ashiqui 2
In the wake of seeing Aarohi taking a gander at a photo of "Lata Mangeshkar" in the bar, he expect that she needs to wind up a vocalist. Inspired by her effortlessness and voice, Rahul guarantees to change her into a singing sensation and asks her to never perform again in bars. Because of his affirmation, Aarohi abandons her activity and comes back to Mumbai with Rahul, who persuades record maker Saigal "Mahesh Thakur" to meet her. I have selected below most popular Super Hit songs of Film Ashiqui 2.  

At the point when Aarohi calls Rahul, he is assaulted and harmed by a few hooligans, and can't get her call. His companion and director called Vivek "Shaad Randhawa" says that news of Rahul's mishap ought not be spilled to the media, and rather exposes a false story that Rahul has left the nation to take part in arrange appears. At the point when Aarohi endeavors to contact Rahul once more, Vivek overlooks the calls. Following two months of uselessly endeavoring to contact Rahul, a broken Aarohi is compelled to sing in bars again in view of her family issues Bollywood movies.
Ashiqui2-Hindi Movie Gaana-Bollywood Songs Download
Download Aasan Nahin Yahan
Download Bhula Dena
Download Chahoon Mai Ya Na
Download Hum MerJai Ge
Download Mere Aashiqui
Download Milne Hai Tujh Se Aaien
Download Piya Aaye Na
Download Sun Raha Hai (Male)
Download Sun Raha Hai (Female)
Download Tum Hi Ho

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