Monday, October 3, 2016

Bollywood Old Movie Shree 420 Hit Songs

Bollywood Old Film Shree 420. This Bollywood Movie was released on 06 September 1955. The story of this Film is that a nation kid, Raj Kapoor, from Allahabad, goes to the huge city, Bombay, by strolling, to acquire a living. He begins to look all starry eyed at poor people however temperate Vidya "Nargis". Yet, is soon allured by the wealth of a freewheeling and exploitative way of life displayed to him by a deceitful and deceptive specialist, Seth Sonachand Dharmanand "Nemo" and the sultry flirt Maya "Nadira". 
Bollywood Old Movie Shree 420 Hit Songs
Meanwhile, Sonachand composes another arrangement to experience destitute people, whereby he ensures enduring homes to them at just Rs. 100. The arrangement pays off, as people start aggregating money for a home, even at the cost of other basic things. Vidya's contempt for Raj augments significantly. Raj twists up obviously well off, however soon comprehends that he paid a high cost for it. Exactly when Raj finds that Sonachand has no plans to fulfill his ensures, he makes wrongs right. The Old Bollywood Songs of this Movie was very famous.

Raj takes all the bond papers of the overall public's homes and tries to get away from Sonachand's home, just to be gotten by Sonachands and his associates. In a battle that happens, Sonachand shoots Raj and he falls unaware. Right when people hear the shooting, they come and see Raj dead. Sonachand exhorts police that Raj was endeavoring to escape consequent to taking money from his protected, subsequently Sonachand shot him. The songs of this movie is still Super Hit Songs any time. I have chosen most popular Super hit songs of Bollywood Film  Shree 420. 
Bollywood Old Movie Shree 420 Hit Songs
Dil Ka Haal Sune Dil Wala
Ichak Dana
Mera Joota Hai Japani
Mur Mur Ke Na Dekh Piyare
O Jane Wale
Piyar Howa Iqrar Howa
Ramaya Wastawaya
Sham Gai Raat Aai