Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Bushra Sadiq Punjabi Sufi Music Singer

Bushra Sadiq Punjab Folk Music Singer. She is very popular Punjabi Sufi Music Singer, she create great name in Punjab Folk Music and Pakistani Classical Music.  She was great Lok Music Artist of Pakistan. Bushra Sadiq is very popular in Punjab due to her Punjabi Sufi Songs and cultural music style. 
Bushra Sadiq Punjabi Sufi  Music Singer
She has sung Punjabi Sufi Kalam, Arfana Kalam, she is very famous due to her great talent, and she is well known and famous among masses. She sung many Albums. She played a great role in popular Punjabi songs and also she has sung in Sariaki, Urdu and other languages. She enriched the world of Pakistani Mousiqui, Ghazals Songs and enthralled the audiences with her masterful artistry.  

Her soulful rendition has been bringing solace lot of hearts in the world of Punjabi Classical Sad Songs.  She is absolutely concerned with Punjab and hold been disseminated global by way of the Punjabi Mousiqui. Specially within the four provinces of Pakistan and the cultual Music has been sung with zeal. The tale about two lovers, similarly a girl of love can also remain referred to as "Heer." such as lot of songs with love and affection. The Punjab has a prosperous culture of ballads, people tales, Folk Music then dance. I have selected below most popular Music of  Bushra Sadiq. Bushra Sadiq Punjabi Artist.
Bushra Sadiq Punjabi Sufi Classical Songs
Baba Farid Diyan Wangan
Jaag Sara DuhaI Desi
Koi Sada Pan Howe
Nosho Diyan Wangan
Piya Wagda Channa Mahiya
Qalandar Diyan Wangan
Wah Wah La Ke Nibhaiyan Ni
Wanga Charh Lo Kudio