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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ghazal Urdu Sad -Ghazal Songs Download | Ghulam Ali

Ustad Ghulam Ali Pakistani Ghazals Singer. He was born on 04 December 1940. He is considered to be one of the best Ghazal Singer. His style and variations in singing Ghazals has been noted as unique, as he blends Hindustani Classical Music with Ghazals, unlike any other Pakistani Ghazals in Urdu artist. 
Ghazal Urdu Sad -Ghazal Songs Download | Ghulam Ali
Ghulam Ali started singing for Radio Pakistan, Lahore in 1960 and he also compose Bhajans and Ghazals and sometimes include a scientific mixture of Ragas. He is great Singer of Pakistan, he created great name in Pakistan Music. Ustad Ghulam Ali is very popular in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, as well as among South Asian diaspora in the USA, the UK and the Middle Eastern countries. Ghulam Ali has sung many of his hit Urdu Ghazal have been used in Bollywood movies. 

His famous Ghazals are "Chupke Chupke Raat Din", "Kal Chaudhwin Ki Raat Thi", and others. His popular album "Hasratein" was nominated in the Best Ghazal Album category at Gima 2014.  Ghulam Ali got his Classical Music training form  Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khansahib, a big name in Classical Mousiqui. Ghulam Ali has sung "Thumri",  "Saiyyan Bolo Tanik Mose Rahiyo Na Jaye".  He has sung lot great top Punjabi songs. He has sung with Asha Bhosle with  joint Music albums. I have selected below Ghazals Music of Ustad Ghulam Ali.
Ghulam Ali-Pakistani Super Hit Urdu Ghazal Download
Download Apni Tasveer Ko Aankhon Se Lagaata Kya Hai
Download Baharon Ko Chaman Yaad Aa Gaya Hai
Download Chaudhwin Ka Chand
Download Chupke Chupke Raat Din
Download Dil Mein Ek Lehar Si Uthi Hai Abhi
Download Faasla Is Kadar
Download Faasle Aise Bhi Honge
Download Hum Tere Shahar Mein Hain Anjaane Part 1
Download Hum Tere Shahar Mein Hain Anjaane Part 2
Download Humko Kiske Gum Ne Maara
Download Jinke Hothon Pe Hansi Paaon Mein Chhaale Honge
Download Kaisi Chali Hai Abke Hawaa
Download Le Chala Jaan Meri Rooth Ke Jaana Tera
Download Main Nazar Se Pee Raha Hoon
Download Mastaana Piye Jaa
Download Patta Paata Boota Haal Hamara
Download Peene Lage Sharaab Kyon
Download Shaam Jab
Download Tere Nazdeek Aana Chaahta Hoon
Download Woh Kabhi Mil Jaayen To Kya Kijiye
Download Yeh Baatein Jhoothi Baatein Hain
Download Yeh Dil Yeh Paagal Dil Mera
Download Zakh-e-Tanhai Mein

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