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Gulshan Ara Syed Punjabi Folk Music Singer
Gulshan Ara Syed Punjabi Folk Music Singer. She is great  Classical Music Artist of Pakistan, she created good name in Punjab Folk Music and Pakistan Music
She migrated to Pakistan in 1979 and appeared in  popular Music Program Khusboo. She is very popular singer of Raag Raagni. Gulshan Ara Syed sung many Ghazals, her popular songs such as "Tumharey Shehr Ka Mausam Bara Suhana Lagey". She has given  special touch in the songs and Classical Music.  She is very popular for her super hit Folk Music, Ghazals and Versatile Music. Gulshan Ara Syed is very popular her great talent, and she is well known and famous among masses. She sung many Albums and she  enriched the world of music and enthralled the audiences with her masterful artistry. Her soulful rendition has been bringing solace lot of hearts. I have selected below most popular  Music of  Gulshan Ara Syed. 
Gulshan Ara Syed Punjabi Folk Music Artist 
Download Bajre Da Sitta
Download Balley Balley
Download Bazaar Wikeni
Download Chan Kithan Guzari Aai Raat Way
Download Chan Wekh Shokan Mele Di
Download Gori Dian Jhangaran
Download Kala Doria
Download Latthe Di Chadar
Download Madhaniyan
Download Pay Gaye Nalaek Mere Palle
Download Sammi
Download Sonay Da Till Mahiya

Biography Punjabi Folk Music Singer Gulshan Ara Syed  

Gulshan Ara Syed Orginal from Dhaka Bangladesh and later she shifted to Pakistan, she has built a phenomenal career of Ghazals Music. She was great artist and she has given charm and Artistic virtuosity has won every heart. Most Famous program of Gulshan Ara Syed was  'Mahek', which was telecast from NTM. She has sung her famous song was "Tum Say Milay Jab Say Nain". Gulshan Ara perks up with glee whenever she finds some reflection of her performance in the eyes of her loyal fans. She invests every interest of her body to the song as she lifts up her voice with strength and she was called legendary Classical Artist of Pakistan. 

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