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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sindhi Songs New-Classical Music Download | Mumtaz Lashari

Mumtaz Lashari Sindhi Classical Music Singer. He is great Sindhi Music Singer, he created good name in Sindh Music, he played a great role in popular Sindhi Folk Music, Sindhi Songs, Sindhi Pop Music all across the Sindh. He enriched the world of music and enthralled the audiences with his masterful artistry. 
Sindhi Songs New-Classical Music Download | Mumtaz Lashari
His rendering of "Sindhi Young Cultural Music" "Sindhi Hit Songs" was divine and used to enthrall and transfix listeners, and transport them into a different world. He is also awarded with Pride of Performance in 2015 by the Government of Pakistan in recognizance of his services in the music of  Pakistan. He played all "Hit Songs" of great poetry of Popular Sindhi poets, Mumtaz Lashari sung lot of Super Hit Sindhi Songs New on Radio Pakistan, KTN TV Channel, PTV and other Channels,  and also he sung in marriage ceremonies, Mela and Shrines of Bizrigs in Sindh and other local Mehfils. 

Mumtaz Lashari was born in Larkana Sindh Pakistan to Non-musician Baloch family. Ustad Mumtaz Lashari is a Sindhi and Siraiki Super Hit Classical Musician of Pakistan and Classical Singer whose impact on Sindhi Music is pervasive. Ustad Mumtaz Lashari is such a Musician who brought new colors, new ways and renovations to Sindhi and Siraiki Music and other cultural Music. He ha sung Sindhi Cultural Pop Music, Sindhi Sufi Music. He is very popular Artist of Radio Pakistan Hyderabad. I have selected most popular Sindhi Classical Music of  Mumtaz Lashari.
Mumtaz Lashari Sindhi Folk Classical Music Download
Download Aa Mil Sohnal Yaar
Download Aai Chaman Mia Bahar
Download Bedard Khi Aido Yaad Na Ker
Download Dhado Thi Na Dekhar
Download De Khuda Per Udri Wanjan
Download Dil Paak Nazar Paak
Download Dua Karyo Jaidyun Ruthal Perchan
Download Gali Gali Tho Gaeen
Download Hin Sohni Sindh Ji
Download Jaiki Bhi Tay Dehan Jeeandaseen
Download Kawar Khi Chhad
Download Kahri Tarah Bhi Peso Achi
Download Maalik Khi Na Chhadenday
Download Mari Jo Wendis Arman Thendai
Download Mohinji Moula Aas Pujai
Download Na Rehandis Maan
Download Paan Kare Kam Ashiqan Ja
Download Sajan Hi Tu Chha Kayo
Download Sik Tohinji Sajan
Download Wichhoro Yaar Jani Jo Lago Dhado

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