Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Natho Kahri Sindhi Comedy Artist

Natho Kahri Sindhi Comedy Artist
Natho Kahri Sindhi Comedy Artist. He was most popular Comedian Artist and Singer. He create great name in local social Media.
This Artist was most successful Comedian in Sindhi dialect specially in District Badin, Thatta, Thperparker and other districts of Sindh. He was most popular Comedian Actor of Sindhi Comedy Fankar. This Comedian was very famous on Sindhi Audio Cassettes, peoples like his comedy well. He has performed in programs on KTN Channel and he has also performed shows in other Sindhi Channels and functions. This Comedian performed well in Local Mela, Mehfils, and he performed in Marriage Ceremonies and other programs in Sindh. Natho Kahri  entertained the audience with jokes in Sindhi Language. He was called a great comedian singer of Sindh. Lot of Audio and video programs released in comedy but his old jokes and narrated comdy dastan is still more demanded in Sindh. I have selected most popular Sindhi Comedy of Natho Kahri. 
Natho Kahri Sindhi Comedy 
Download Dosat Ji Daawat
Download Comedy in KTN Program
Download Lala Pathan Kapri Ka Wapari
Download Wado Pet Comedy

Biography Sindhi Comedy Artist Natho Kahri

Nahto Kahri Sindhi Comedy Artist and Singer belonging to Badin Sindh. He was most famous Artist and singer in Sindhi root areas village to village and City to city. He performed well in open programs, Social Media, Comedy gatherings and other invited tribal gatherings in Sindh. He was very master in changing of voices of different peoples, animals and he had copied other voices dialogues.