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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lok Geet-Sindhi Songs-Balochi Songs Download |Samina Kanwal

Samina Kanwal Balochi Folk Music Singer. She is great Sindhi and Balochi Music Artist  and she created good name in Sindh Music and Baluchi Music. She is very popular with Sindhi Folk Music, Sindhi Classical Music, Balochi Classical Music, Sindhi Sehra and other local Sindhi cultural songs. 
Lok Geet-Sindhi Songs-Balochi Songs Download |Samina Kanwal
She is  famous singer of local area persons, she is called as versatile singer of Sindh, and Balochistan her great styles songs is very popular in young and old generation. She sung poetry of most popular Sindhi poets such as Sindhi Kalam, Sindhi Kafi, Sindhi Sufi Music, Sindhi Lok Geet, Sehra in Marriage Ceremonies. Sindhi peoples like to listen her great songs time to time in different programs, Marriage ceremonies  and other Festivals.  Her sweet sound attractive the hearts and now every time her songs played in the streets, Shops, Hotels and Vehicles.  

Samina Kanwal belonging to Sindh. She is very popular on Sindhi Local TV Channels and Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan. She has sung great Sindhi Songs, Lok Geet in open Mehfils in Sindh and Balochistan. She has sung in different languages Urdu, Saraiki, Balochi, Sindhi Punjabi and other languages. She is very popular due to his own style and she is master of Classical Mousiqui in Sindhi dialect. I have selected most popular Music  of  Samina Kanwal.
Samina Kanwal-Sindhi Lok Geet-Balochi Songs Download
Download Addi Konj
Download Ae Dil Royee
Download Balochi Ghazal
Download Baro Qasid Gawash Mai Balochi Song
Download Dard Dehi Dil Tori
Download Dholak Wajayo Moo Khi Sehro Charayo Sehro
Download Dil Kholi Naach Sehro
Download Garho Joro Sehro
Download Ghot Saan Ghumanday Achan Sehro
Download Hatti Pari Thiyo
Download Jaiko Mohabbat Maan
Download Jithe Aahi Ranal Ji Sehro
Download Kadhen Mohinjo Thendi Mehman
Download Leeko Janan Leeko Balochi Song
Download Mal Mani Salonk Balochi Song
Download Mehindi Hathan Sehro
Download Mehindi Mehindi Sehro
Download Mohinji Wafa Piyar Khi Sarenday
Download Mohinjo Dilber Achi Tho Sehro
Download Paro Piree Jo
Download Ranal Mohinjo Aindo Sehro
Download Ro Na Mohinji Mithri Amaan
Download Rusna Oh Rusna
Download Shahzada Sanra Moo Khi Dhado Piyaro Aan Sehro
Download Tohinjo Shaher Chhade
Download Tu Morr Bhadhan Lai Sehro
Download Tuhinji Hathan Te Mehindi Sehro
Download Weh Ghari Dilber

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