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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan | Old Classical Music Download

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Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan | Old Classical Music Download

Sindhi Classical Music Singer Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan Biography

Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan Legendary Sindhi Classical Music Singer. He was born on in 1922 at Shikarpur Sindh, Pakistan. He was a great Sindhi Classical Music and he was called "Ustad" of Sindhi Mousiqui
He create great name in Sindhi Songs and he was the first classical Musician of the Twentieth century who knew about the Regional Classical Music of Sindh and Pakistan and also in subcontinental. 

He belonged to the Classical Music Artist family of Gwalior Gharana, which was India's historical musical family. Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan got Musical training from his father, Ustad Jamalo Khan and also he had got training from from Ustad Seendo Khan
His parents took him to musical events in Sindh and India. He was maestro in singing "Thappo" a kind of Sindhi Classical Music  and Sindhi Folk Music, in Pakistan. Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan made various compositions of Indian and local classical and Semi classical Music.  I have selected below most popular Music of  Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan.
Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan Sindhi Old Folk Songs Download
Download Aao Rana Raho Raat
Download Ant Behar De Kal Na Kai
Download Aao Keean Aatan Wanjan
Download Bond Birah Ji Bahari
Download Chhader Saaman Aao Tu Yaar
Download Dilri Hathan
Download Dino Rai Dyaj
Download Gujji Galh
Download Ishiq Shara
Download Jehanda Ishiq Laga
Download Kaboo Kai Qaid Kotan Mai
Download Kaang Lanway Mithi Laat
Download Kithan Keenjhar
Download Mai Mithri
Download Maro Bhayan Matam
Download Moo Khi Wani Wayo
Download Perchan Shal Panhwar
Download Umer Des Pehinjo
Download Wendis Yaar Mari
Download Yaar Sajan Ji Firaq
Download Yaarani Yaaren Maan Wai
He composed and sung great poetry of Hazrat  Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai R.A in all forms. He taught many young aspiring Sindhi students the art of classical singing and by his efforts, he revolutionized the Sindhi Cultural Old Music, Historical Music. 
He is one of those rare Classical Musicians who expanded the peripheries of Classical Songs by taking it to the common masses, his  rendering of "Sindhi Kalam" "Sindhi Kaafis" was divine and used to enthrall and transfix listeners, and transport them into a different world. This great Artist of Sindh was died on September 1980. 

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