Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Zulfi Shah Sindhi Comedy Artist

Zulfi Shah Sindhi Comedy Artist
Zulfi Shah Sindhi Comedy Actor. He is most popular Sindhi comedian from Thatta Sindh. He is most popular Comedian Actor of Sindhi Comedy Artist.
This Comedian is very famous on Social Media Sites, peoples like his comedy well, he performed as local Comedian and released lot of Audio and Video Cassettes.  He has performed in various programs on KTN Channel, Sindh TV. Zulfi Shah also performed well in different Sindhi shows in Sindhi functions, Marriage ceremonies and local Mehfils in Thatta and other Sindhi local areas.  His comedy is too famous in all over Sindh. This Comedian performed well in Local Mela, Mehfils, and he performed in Marriage Ceremonies and other programs in Sindh. Zulfi Shah entertained the audience with jokes in Sindhi Language. I have selected below most popular Sindhi Comedy of Zulfi Shah. 
Zulfi Shah Sindhi Comedy 
Download Doctor Ka Jaiza
Download Dulhan Mai Le Jao Ga
Download Jalli Doctor
Download Kasai Aur Bakro
Download Kasai Aur Gheto
Download Khanoo Khandpati
Download Khanoo Kharbaz Aur Gadah
Download Khanoo Kharbaz Ghar Mai
Download Moo Tohinje Kare
Download Siloo Super Man
Download Yako Dard Aahi

Biography Popular Sindhi Comedian Artist Zulfi Shah

Zulfi Shah is famous Comedy local Artist of Sindh. He belonging to Thatta Sindh. His Comedy and acting was very popular in Sindh TV. His local show on Sindh TV called "Khanoo Khand Pati" and also "Khanoo Khaar Baaz" was very popular on Sindh TV. He is still called a master of Sindhi jokes. His video casettes are very popular in all over Sindhi and jurisdiction of other district of Sindh. Zulfi Shah worked in Sindhi local Drama and he continued his work hard and he recorded lot of cassettes.