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How to Add Custom Robots Header Tags to Blogger

By this using article I guide you that how to add  Custom robots header tags to blogger blog. It is very important practice to set up Blogger Custom robots header tags for better SEO Tips and Tricks for blogger and drive traffic quickly.

How to Add Custom Robots Header Tags to Blogger

What is Custom Robots Header Tags

Custom robots header Tags are very important for  Blogger Search Engine Optimization. The substance on your blog you would prefer not to impart to significant web crawlers can be limited by the robots header tags. You can likewise limit them to record by the custom robots.txt document in Blogger. On the static pages, you can without much of a stretch include a meta robots tag with the esteem "noindex" to the pages you would prefer not to impart to web indexes under header area of your site. On the off chance that you are utilizing Blogger. You don't have to go for the Blogger source segment to include robots header tags since Blogger has as of late refreshed its dashboard with the inquiry inclinations setting in which you can undoubtedly include or evacuate your robots header tags for various sorts of pages, for example, post, landing page, pursuit or document pages. You simply require a few ticks, and your header tags will be consequently refreshed. If you want to add Custom Robots.txt File in Blogger Read This Article.

Definition of Custom Robots Header Tags

  • all:  You should be click on this tag means search engine crawlers index  all your contents without any trouble.
  • noindex: Noindex  creates or index not to crawl any page you’re your blogger blog . And it will not explain page in the search engine and do not confirm a “Cached” link in main search results.
  • nofollow: I think this simple it will be instruct to search engine crawlers not to follow any link on the page which is nofollow.
  • none: None means nil nothing and it  join the texture of both noindex and nofollow tags and the crawler will not index your pages links.
  • noarchive: It will not show any “Cached” link in search results and also noarchive tag off in cached search pages.
  • nosnippet:   What you find on your blogger webpage you should be turn this header tag on position, it is very helpful.
  • noodp: This will be guide you that do not use any data from the Open Directory project such as DMOZ because Google use the information from there occasionally.
  • notranslate: It is instruct ot the crawlers that do not use any translation of this page in other languages in search results. 
  • noimageindex: Do not index images of this page, if you allow your images can be steal any time.
  • unavailable_after: Specially in Blogger Blog you will obtain a ground right to this tag. The webpage will be deindexed behind this time.

How Add Custom Robots Header Tags in Blogger

It is very easy and simple first go to and than sign up  to your account with your email address. After that got to "Settings", than  "Search preference". Now you clearly find Custom robots header tags under Crawlers and Indexing section of your blogger blog.  Now click on Edit Click on the right side. For more guidance see the picture has given below and set Blogger Header Tags as per instructions.

How use Google Chrome Activate Robot Tags

It is suggested  that your  robots tags are activated  in Google Chrome Browser or not. First simply open Google Chrome  and press "F12". This will open the Inspector window at the bottom. Select the "Network" tab. This tab shows all resource requests made by you. Open your home page URL  in the same Chrome tab. The request will be shown in the Network tab. Further see and check that all is OK. If you are not activated the Response headers doesn’t contain any header named ‘X-Robots-Tag’. I am going to in detail that  some robots tags for your home page using the method described in the "Setting robot header tags in Blogger" section of this blog post and reload your blog’s home page. "You may have to press "Ctrl+F5" to force a hard refresh so that the webpage won’t be served from your browser cache.  Now, you will see an ‘X-Robots-Tag’ corresponding to the tags selected by you. If yo are activated in Google Chrome you will see the line  "X-Robots-Tag: all, noodp"  and you are done. For more guidance see the picture has given below.

In view of the above you are done now and all your Robots Header Tags are working properly in Blogger Blog, and if you like this please leave your comments.
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